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  1. Sleep Cycle is now released 😃Tapes are sold out already so thanks to everyone that snagged one!Here's more codes to my previous release to celebrate, redeem at http://thelastambienthero.com/yum xx6k-ct6xhqyu-xbzqhb2a-jckzqxl8-kwt694py-gx3kzsfn-7qc9yjdl-vzstyg4j-6thbyts7-y7qw2zjd-bjksThanks for listening.
  2. Proud to announce my next work and first label release, Sleep Cycle on the rather wonderful Berlin-based Inner Space Travels label. 5 tracks each inspired by the 5 stages of sleep, with each stage encoded with frequencies that complement the brain's natural state in each phase of sleep. All pitches, delay times and tempos have been carefully calculated to also sit within the corresponding brainwave ranges. In addition, the length of each stage mirrors the average amount of time we spend in each stage of sleep during an average 90 min sleep cycle. Out 29th July on digital and C90 cassette. To celebrate, here's a load of free codes to my previous release, Messier87 that you can redeem at http://thelastambienthero.com/yum tnjx-kjdh d8ts-ykhr kqlw-v9st kgsq-68hb zk4f-ynqw lt9h-x6tl ckys-eguj c3kp-33mk edyg-w498 84kz-cpgn Cheers and thanks for listening. The Last Ambient Hero
  3. Thanks for listening and also for the Limbo tip. It's a great soundtrack, it's gone straight on my (ever-expanding) wishlist!
  4. Hi there, Thanks for the tip - I'll check out the Limbo soundtrack, sounds up my alley so far. Glad you enjoyed Messier87. Regarding the image sonification, I basically used various software programs (Sonic photo, photo2sound, etc.) to generate audio from the image (each app/prog gives different results) until I had a big pool of sounds of varying lengths (from a few seconds to 45mins!) and tonal qualities. What I discovered is that as a lot of the image is black you get quite consistent, steady frequencies which is a help when creating instruments out of the sounds. I loaded up the sounds into my Akai Z8 and tuned them into chords and layered them up and resampled them through fx. Another thing I did was to use some of the longer sounds to sidechain other parts and control the parameters of some of the fx (so they were just used as control signals rather than anything audible). As a further note, Messier87 was done as 5 live passes that were then edited. NGC 4486 was one edited pass (much less dsp going on) and Sagittarius A* was done Radigue-style, mixed completely live in one go. I don't recommend that for a 39min track lol I took two attempts to get it right (literally messed up the ending on the first take!).
  5. Hi all, Just released my next tape, Messier87. Deep space listening with all sounds made from image sonification of the recently published M87 black hole picture. Enjoy! TLAH
  6. Sweet! A mighty task he has ahead of him but I for one can't wait to see them. And thanks again, it's really a remarkable series and I look forward to your next project(s).
  7. Just finished my first listen of part 6. Did not disappoint. A fitting end, quite beautiful and sad. I'm looking forward to hearing the six parts in one go when I have the chance, I think as a sequence it will be even greater than the sum of it's parts. I like how every previous release was referenced or alluded to in some way. Funny how I struggled with part 4 when I first heard it but now I think it's my favorite part, although I suspect part 6 might end up being the overall winner for me. I also gave parts 1-3 a listen on shuffle - I think I read somewhere that Mr. Kirby said parts 1-3 could be played in any order? Anyway, I highly recommend it - I was so used to the normal order that it gave fresh life to those first 3 parts. The abrupt endings help and it was nice to have the straight up loops mixed in with some of the later stranger tracks. Now onto that bonus album.... :) As a side note, does anyone know if the Weirdcore videos have been abandoned? (tbh it was pretty ambitious so I could understand why it may have been!)
  8. Awesome but now I have to hold on for a few more days before I can listen - must experience the vinyl first as I've done with the previous 5 parts. I'll be ready for that CD/catalogue thingy too on April 7th Sorta bittersweet exhilaration feelings right now... thank you Mr K!
  9. I like what he's done with artwork for VI - won't spoil it if you haven't seen it yet but it's fitting.
  10. Brilliant - VI isn't even out and he's given us a bonus album :)
  11. ooo incoming - I can see the new artwork on my bc collection page but the release is set to private. Anytime now people...
  12. Sweet! Thanks for the clarification. Proper ready for this!
  13. Interested to see how many CDs the second half is going to be - if my maths is right, parts IV & V won't fit onto 2 CDs. So maybe 5 CD box set for parts IV-VI? Hopefully not be new edits for the CDs. Either way, proper excited for tomorrow's release though - he might even surprise us with another free one :)
  14. Hi all - new annual collection of twisted generative glitch and electronics is out now. Unedited and raw patches. [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3182509812 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]
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