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  1. Each Romance release is getting better and better. Lovely stuff.
  2. Pleased to share my new CD - A Field In England. Rural ambience from the North of England.
  3. have some free codes (redeem at https://thelastambienthero.com/yum ) c9nj-v3hn e3w8-ysqe rxjy-b4g3 a4g3-xm24 rpul-jtwm uhgf-xg2j xeux-ebxk j8wj-uwj8 9us8-5482 zwq3-bpbh np8w-xnsv
  4. Really enjoyed Hollywood Medieval so I'm looking forward to this one. Like what I've heard so far.
  5. This is my new fac MWC. Can't stop playing it. Side B is the highlight but the journey as a whole is what makes it for me. Magik.
  6. Free album to see out this year to forget. Music made from signals found from the far reaches of space. Forget about this world for a while and lose yourself in the void... Stay safe.
  7. This is now up for pre-order on bleep at much more reasonable shipping charges for us Europeans. https://bleep.com/release/207657-richard-devine-systik?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Richard+Devine+-+SYSTIK+(BL_K+Noise)+|+Exclusive+Merchandise+|+Pre-Order+Now&utm_campaign=Richard+Devine+-+SYSTIK+(BL_K+Noise)
  8. Yeah his last one was fantastic. Everything on sferic has been mint imo. This one's no exception.
  9. it's like one of their 20min epics condensed to a few mins - I like
  10. Some ambient VZ10M synth stuff to help you pass the time until the new Autechre drops
  11. Some free codes if anyone fancies it -haxc-jhcj47ee-y5syqw7f-buwr9s5x-cqld347j-x85cwelr-e2nwc8sa-3cq4sn4b-hhgaswpw-55r7Redeem at https://sanjuro77.com/yum
  12. AXYS by Sanjuro77 Tape release for the Roland Kayn fans.
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