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  1. Thank you - I hope you enjoy it 👍
  2. Happy Summer Solstice. Here's over an hour and a half of tape smudged drones and generative loops to sink into. Enjoy! Free codes - (redeem at https://thelastambienthero.com/yum ) sn97-v22h swyd-gdxv hj6s-36b8 jf3c-ck4n 6dxe-wyje nhe9-wr93 me7u-csk4 f8wx-xdtm wusp-jd36 e5qr-ycdk
  3. Each Romance release is getting better and better. Lovely stuff.
  4. Pleased to share my new CD - A Field In England. Rural ambience from the North of England.
  5. have some free codes (redeem at https://thelastambienthero.com/yum ) c9nj-v3hn e3w8-ysqe rxjy-b4g3 a4g3-xm24 rpul-jtwm uhgf-xg2j xeux-ebxk j8wj-uwj8 9us8-5482 zwq3-bpbh np8w-xnsv
  6. Really enjoyed Hollywood Medieval so I'm looking forward to this one. Like what I've heard so far.
  7. First release of 2021. A 3 track EP of sub-orbital ambience.
  8. This is my new fac MWC. Can't stop playing it. Side B is the highlight but the journey as a whole is what makes it for me. Magik.
  9. Free album to see out this year to forget. Music made from signals found from the far reaches of space. Forget about this world for a while and lose yourself in the void... Stay safe.
  10. This is now up for pre-order on bleep at much more reasonable shipping charges for us Europeans. https://bleep.com/release/207657-richard-devine-systik?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Richard+Devine+-+SYSTIK+(BL_K+Noise)+|+Exclusive+Merchandise+|+Pre-Order+Now&utm_campaign=Richard+Devine+-+SYSTIK+(BL_K+Noise)
  11. Yeah his last one was fantastic. Everything on sferic has been mint imo. This one's no exception.
  12. it's like one of their 20min epics condensed to a few mins - I like
  13. Some ambient VZ10M synth stuff to help you pass the time until the new Autechre drops
  14. Some free codes if anyone fancies it -haxc-jhcj47ee-y5syqw7f-buwr9s5x-cqld347j-x85cwelr-e2nwc8sa-3cq4sn4b-hhgaswpw-55r7Redeem at https://sanjuro77.com/yum
  15. AXYS by Sanjuro77 Tape release for the Roland Kayn fans.
  16. Hi all, Here's a collection of ambient modular pieces I made over the last week to help anyone who needs some more music through these unprecedented events. There's some free codes below but it'll be free to all forever. I don't want any money from you, please save it for important things or make a donation to your local health service. Please stay safe and look out for each other x k7bx-6hx6 k5xh-kvay k8qp-y9rr zkrb-b9hl nymw-wzqe lt8q-ht63 ezzf-5bz4 b3tv-bckm dxz6-xxt6 pqyt-e53k To redeem got to https://thelastambienthero.bandcamp.com/yum
  17. ghost cell V by Sanjuro77 Fifth year of my annual generative experiments. Featuring TR606 QS, Nord G2, Organelle, PreenFM2, Future Retro Zillion, Microcell, Morphagene, 0-Coast & laptop.
  18. Merry Xmas everyone Delamere: wj7j-w77g e9lr-c5qu aq8l-es5j r8n4-ud2y hx27-jgsf jcmv-ybha Cassini: dpuf-emge 24ge-ulql 6ubl-xgp5 uwvh-jbur vpgj-ywml f62r-bxye UTSS: exz5-xl6w b4t9-jet4 sjdk-7xl6 967n-hesk znwl-vbw8 zajj-6wl2 The Big Chill: ethd-79a3 2w6c-gtjl dpyc-379e vz7l-h6c3 6y54-vyls nu6j-g3vd M87: 84kz-cpgn dygs-xktl kujw-6vwh umg4-69d5 x8k4-yz4r qk3j-bzjd Last Ambient Xmas: tmwy-gj8z t8jy-u6b6 kxyz-jx9u kekz-k5yq u83k-kf2z mkdt-6qx6 Redeem at http://thelastambienthero.com/yum
  19. Hi, Happy to announce my latest work is now available, The Last Ambient Christmas. Available digitally and as a super limited CD, it's a Christmas album that's more than a little bit different. You don't have to like Christmas music or even Christmas in general to get something out of this one. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.
  20. still working through some of the other catalog but I'm intrigued by the 40 odd minute long track, long form ChrisD should be a treat
  21. good stuff as always ? 2019 has been a generous music year
  22. Sleep Cycle is now released ?Tapes are sold out already so thanks to everyone that snagged one!Here's more codes to my previous release to celebrate, redeem at http://thelastambienthero.com/yum xx6k-ct6xhqyu-xbzqhb2a-jckzqxl8-kwt694py-gx3kzsfn-7qc9yjdl-vzstyg4j-6thbyts7-y7qw2zjd-bjksThanks for listening.
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