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  1. This is awesome. It reminds me of a boss battle. I like how the almost squelchy noise is hard panned left and the hat is panned right. They sort of play around in my headphones.
  2. That second track is really nice. I dig it. That last big part is ace.
  3. It's been intense down south. I'm in austin and the rain has just started. Expecting lots of flooding
  4. I want to swim in my pool but there's a hurricane hitting my city.
  5. LLoan is really great but I'm with everyone else here. Worm wins by a small margin for me. :)
  6. This is dark. I love the almost vocal sounding screams in the background.
  7. Going to get more active here and am excited to do so! :D Here are a few recent tracks: https://soundcloud.com/anthonyburchell/dlmd https://soundcloud.com/anthonyburchell/tableflip https://soundcloud.com/anthonyburchell/elepho A majority of my music is recorded off of a modular system. Here's my modulargrid link if you're curious where they came from: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/282027
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