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  1. Where you mf'ers at? I'm gonna check out Wevals at the 4 Vents Stage in 10 min.
  2. I'm just bouncing around Paris...I'll be there in a few hours.
  3. Any plans for a meetup today or tomorrow in Paris? I just landed.
  4. I'll be making the pilgrimage down from Canada. Staying at a hostel in Mexico City and then flying out to the Brooklyn show. Would be great to meet some of you fine folk!
  5. Giving this a much deserved bump. Beautiful soundscapes on this one - dark and heavy to it's core. I'm feeling some Autechre vibes here and there.
  6. Buying from the scalpers, especially immediately after they have stolen all the tickets from the people who actually want to go, you are directly encouraging this behavior :/ So do you suggest that I just take the moral high ground and not go to the show? Not a hope.
  7. I was ready for each pre-sale and the general sale...everything sold out in a split second. Really wish they would have done a lottery for this. Anyhow, I caved and paid a shwack load of money on StubHub for 2 tickets. I'm planning on being in NY that entire weekend. Looking forward to meeting some of you fine peeps as I missed out at Day for Night!
  8. Missed out. I guess I could pay 2-4x the price on StubHub....but who's to say that the seller won't just take the money and run. The tickets are print at home so they could send the tickets and just try to use them themselves also...
  9. Seeing him play at Day for Night was a pretty life changing experience to say the least. This is as close as he'll ever get to playing where I live so I'd love to try and recreate that magic that took place in Houston
  10. I'd love to be able to relive that night as well. Any help is much appreciated!
  11. Some beautiful sounds right here Thanks for the rec.
  12. Updated info on Bleep for the Collapse EP: "Aphex Twin aka The Duke Of Rave and The God of Electronic Music (depending which time of night it is) returns once again with the Collapse EP, a five tracker hailing from the underground. Its five tunes chew up notions of exhilaration with life-affirming abundance, high hats and sauntering arrangements, brain-scrambling noise and much much more, all cloaked in an absolutely jaw-clenching sleeve design from Weirdcore. Since returning to the electronic shores with Syro way back when, Aphex Twin has answered many a million prayers from us, you an
  13. I love the atmosphere of that first unreleased track. Beast.
  14. This is some really fantastic work. Thanks for the recommendation!
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