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  1. RIP sauce inquiry

  2. https://stegosaurustrap.bandcamp.com/album/songs-for-seven-lizards released this week
  3. @Lada Laika will be live TONITE/Saturday at 3p PT, 6p ET, 11p GMT. Cygnus at 5p PT, 8p ET, 1A GMT at twitch.tv/x24tools. TOMORROW/Sunday, Xanopticon at 1p PT, 4p ET, 9p GMT.
  4. https://www.vtact.net/ 4lien4ngel Cygnus d0n.XYZ Darkfloor Erica Mar EXT EST Fawks h__cannibal Key Lada Laika misterinterrupt Nemeton Piano Rain Saskrotch Soundscape Conservation Society Shrill Speak Onion Split Horizon Sqwyrm Veldt Xanopticon (dj) & MORE
  5. final stop on an 18 hour tour! thank you @Lada Laika for staying with me the whole time! cutups slaying it to the end here. thanks to everyone who came by! wild ride ❤️
  6. the inevitable hiccup! DJ Soloman Tump streaming to his own twitch right now at https://www.twitch.tv/solomantump... we'll be back on our own twitch at 5a PT / 8a ET for a noise set by @hello spiral lol snarpocalypse now n'at -
  7. still goin strong, fam. weirder and weirder here w/halluciphile ❤️ has been an incredible night and still have 8 hours to go lol
  8. The last ten minutes of part 2 provide such a beautiful and fitting finale to this experience. What a pleasure listening live, these remain just as magical on the replay. Wondering if anyone has made a tracklisting of everything able to be ID'd. I see the .cue sheet and am not sure how to extract the information I seek, though I suspect it is there.
  9. it happens sometimes but then i just reload my browser and it doesn't happen again for ages. for me.
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