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  1. Nevermind, got it. Holy smokes the one that starts around 32:00 is awesome. I love this kind of track...reminds me of s950tx16 a bit. Awesome alien synth work with breaks.
  2. It looks like all three formats hit the Google drive limit. Does anyone have a mirror? thanks!
  3. possible stoned ceephax in the background at 1:37:55?
  4. Is it known certain that RDJ wasn't made with hardware? Tom didn't use a computer on go plastic....
  5. B3 is amazing but A1 is the bestest. Really great synths, constantly evolving, evocative melodies.
  6. yeah, this one had me wowed. It had so much momentum. I was waiting for it to develop into some real afx madness. sadly, it didn't go that way. still, a very cool track.
  7. This is a great record. It sounds like much of it was done on the same setup as t08+4.
  8. praise to amen warrior! listening with a grin.
  9. The music in this teaser vid sounds reminiscent of parts of system700 comp from the syrobonkers interview.
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