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  1. Aw thanks! I love Failure, just got into them a couple of weeks ago believe it or not!
  2. Does anybody have any recommendations on anything? Looking for loads of footsteps and whatnot, having trouble finding anything other than concrete and wood when I'm 'a googling. Cheers!
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    Mild spoilers. Murakami is hit or miss for me. I had trouble finishing the book, I felt the character development was handled very poorly. If a story has no development it can be frustrating, but his handling of Aomame was just strange. The strong person in the first two books just sort of vanishes and it becomes all about Tengo. I wouldn't put it past myself to have missed something, though. Interesting, I'll have to relay what I thought once I finish it! I came into this one after reading Norwegian Wood, which I loved so I didn't/don't really know what to expect.
  4. Totally fair, I guess I've just got the thousand yard stare that comes with watching the music industry exist these days...
  5. Hey all, I released this new record of mine on Saturday. It jumps genre a lot, sometimes focusing more on synths and sometimes not. Let me know what you think :) https://waxlimbs.bandcamp.com/album/for-science
  6. An older photo of when things were more cluttered.
  7. In my experience of music on the internet, SC really adds nothing that you can't already do elsewhere. Getting rid of groups killed the social aspect of it, which was the only thing that was really any different from just dumping your stuff on youtube. Cutting jobs and costs is the only way they'll stay afloat in today's world. They're bleeding cash.
  8. Waxlimbs

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    Been digging into Murakami's 1Q84 lately- a bit slow to start but it's weirdly infectious after a while... I'd recommend for a slow burn.
  9. Jolly festivus to one and all Dance around the pole!
  10. Gotta say I'm super happy with this new EP. Really wanted an amalgamation of heavy shit and his new electronic workings with Atticus Ross.
  11. 5:15 The Angels Have Gone. All the way. Heathen was a pretty cool album, though there were some obvious sour spots. Surprisingly got into The Next Day recently and really loving that as a whole.
  12. Waxlimbs

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    Dan Falk - Universe On A T-Shirt Thomas Pynchon - Gravity's Rainbow (mind-bender)
  13. After Hesitation Marks, I'm definitely craving something "unfriendly" from him.
  14. Oh jeez, I have an Erhu that I really wish I could use more. They're super hard to play, much like a violin.
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