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  1. these are some recent one take jams (though mixed in-box as I don't have a mixer). sadly, i have no friends who make music, so any feedback is much appreciated (especially on the mix, etc.)
  2. this is nice. i like the flow of it. good use of the break and the main melodic element is swell.
  3. this indeed was a clever exercise. the melody leaves something to be desired but from an exercise standpoint i find it impressive. curious how those parts were done. the last bar was especially tight.
  4. nice atmosphere. very cinematic (naturally in this case). i also didn't expect the turn it took halfway, but it's not as if it was out of the realm of possibility either.
  5. not my preferred style, but i appreciate your production/mixing. definitely a lot of cool sounds for this trancey vibe and done well. as a criticism, maybe over-usage of some synth sounds and drum styles/patterns, but that's somewhat par for the course in this style, perhaps overall, cool stuff
  6. still looking out for this... any word? or does someone need any help getting it ready?
  7. In theory, but their policy is not to deal with re-sold tickets whatsoever. jellyrajah pointing me to that link, and the responses from the reddit fans, have now given me all the info I need. (turns out the reseller of the tickets, at the request of the original buyer, redacted the name and order # - confirmed by reseller, though I'll be queasy about this until I'm in the venue on April 11). +1 for music forums.
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/aphextwin/comments/al3dhm/ticketfly_physical_aphex_brooklyn_photo/ Much appreciated Unfortunately, I was only given a PDF version and it doesn't have an Order number or a Purchased by portion....... The guy on ebay only has good feedback regarding concert ticket sales though, so I guess I just have to believe Edit: Also, the TICKETFLY logo is above the image of the ticket, and there is no text on the right side hand side other than the barcode and the number of the barcode. As well, there are no holograms/background squiggles, but those are probably just on the printing paper anyway. I'll try and post an image when i can
  9. Despite attempting tickets at both presales at the exact second they went on sale I also missed out. I caved and bought scalped tickets as soon as I realized I lost out. Would anyone be willing to post an image of their ticketfly PDF tickets (with the barcode redacted, of course), so that us poor souls who couldn't get tickets legitimately can confirm their scalped tickets are (probably) real? Mine seem alright, but, for instance, the ticketfly logo is different than it used to be on tickets I bought a year ago. "ticket FLY" with the "FLY" in their classic blue logo vs. "TICKETFLY" in all blue caps at the top left now. Scanning google images for "ticketfly ticket" seems to corroborate this, but I still can't find recent versions of their PDF tickets. Much appreciated to anyone who can bother Also, this was my first post, so greetings. (after spending a stupid amount on tickets, what's another $5 for a membership here)
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