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  1. Nice shout, I've noticed the similarity with later electric Miles and AE, too. Slightly shifting grooves with painterly applications of unusual musical phrasings and tones, escape scapes. On the Corner makes me feel like I'm in the middle of a road with groups of people fighting on each side, totally paranoid. The only two times I almost had a soulshifting panic attack at work were with On the Corner and AE_LIVE_DUBLIN.
  2. Ain't a trunk to me 'less it can fit a 12" long player and a donut. Ideological preferences aside, those who I can get TECH copies to in chronological order of request, I will do it. I expect not a fortnight of wheelbarrowing. Like I said, I'm guessing that Todd will set a customer limit, due to the exclusivity and the whole idea of it being an in-store promotion. I doubt I'll personally be able to get 15 copies whether I bring a couple of mules along or not. I'm looking into it. Maybe I'll break down in the store, peel off my face and say "hey man, us WAtMMers just need some wax".
  3. I assume he's going to have a limit, but I should be able to bring a friend or two. I'll definitely do what I can, folks.
  4. Pseudonymical piss-taking at it's finest! Regardless of who it is, it sounds pretty much 100% like Tom. The palette might come across as AFX here and there, which isn't saying much, but the way the beats groove and cut are identical to Tom's bass-playing and rhythmic sensibility. It just sounds like the same musician. If Tom made these tracks, I can see these tracks not fitting into the Squarepusher chronology, or he found this route to be the most interesting method to release these particular tracks. If it's not Tom, and the tracks are getting these many mysterious comparisons, you'd be
  5. @psn: Norway? Aw yeah, you about to get some ice on ice this spring.
  6. Mr. Lotus can put as much unreleased Dick Dave Jim in his video as he wants, as long as it's not another attempt at jazz fusion.
  7. This is purported to drop this spring. This Detroyt Boi would be happy to acq 1 or 2 xtra to help someone on this forum get a copy. First cum.
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