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  1. Went for the 2013 live set, finally got round to listening on proper speakers, it's good, lots of nice drum work. A problem I have is trying to limit myself to a set of sounds, rather than just throwing anything and everything in. What did you make it on?
  2. "Made with protracker on the Amiga 500 somewhere between 94 & 95" - i started making stuff on acid pro and rebirth about 98, a couple of years later, but was definitely influenced by all the chaos of these older Amiga kids and their hardcore. In Scotland around 95 it was Ultra-Sonic - Annhiliating Rhythm and Rhythmic State - Soap On A Rope the likes, the Dutch stuff always seemed a little harder, a bit more serious, a bit less daft. Definitely full on energy 💥
  3. I only know a bit of theory but whenever i learn or remember a new trick I'm always like 'fuck that was actually really useful'. In my head people who know too much theory end up creating noodle jazz and atonal inharmonic classical frippery which I don't often enjoy but maybe that's a unwarranted prejudice
  4. Really nice drums and i liked the unexpected vocals and holy shit i was not expecting that ending at all!
  5. nice, i like that you've got a favourite bit of a track, satisfying when it works out like that. When you're doing a key change like that do you have a look at the circle of fifths or whatever to decide where to go, or just bash on till it sounds right? I usually do the latter but it would probably would make sense to do the former The track sounds like someone, can't quite think who........ 😉
  6. very very lush, will definitely listen to that again, loved the sound choices of the rounded guitar and lofi skippish trainline drums and the breathy overdriven wind(?) type sound in the fade out, really sweet
  7. Are your kicks and subs occupying the same frequencies/Hz? Have you sidechained/ducked the subs? can you look at stuff on a spectral analysis to see if they overlap?
  8. I'm pretty keen on drone, its definitely got its time and place, but I'd be pushed to name my favourite drone track. Or any drone track. There was an internet radio station playing drone 24/7 that put a shout out for tracks a while back, i forget the name, but I can't ever resist slapping a donk or a dyad on anything and everything drony, so i was always told to sook the root when i sent them stuff. Are you thinking of film scores or scenes when you make it, or is it just for getting transcendental/mainlining horse/drowning out the persistent sirens and allowing sweet sleep to take y
  9. cool, I like the section after 1m20s. Thats a lotta notes to pack in that bassline at the start! Had a flick through your other tunes, I prefer Tell Me the most Usually with my tunes I generally prefer the ones with the most plays but its far from always the case
  10. It's making for a slightly uncomfortable bath. What if you told me that the illusion i know is just a world?
  11. By trade I'm a sleep scientist and the opening minutes are taking me here I've had a concept album about sleep disorders bashing around in the back of my head for years but I've never done anything about it, except recording my own EEG signals and turning it into audio, but I like the idea of having some catathrenia in it
  12. How many tracks have you got out there, and which one is your personal favourite? Tough ask maybe There's so many posters with so many BandClouds™ that it would take a long time to go through them all. A LONG time. I'm not gonna tell you mine as it makes the thread sound like "hey guys listen to me, listen to my tunes, liiiiiiiiiiiisten" but it's not that, I wanna know yours Sorry if this thread has been done afore
  13. Just clicked kn the first couple of pages of this thread for a lol, come on yo, Simpsonswave has always been legit, TikTokwave will be the real problem child
  14. I dug this, along with the Angry Manchild Tyrant or whatever his last one was called as well, both quite inventive for guitary stuff
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