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  1. Man, times they are a'changin' - I'm used to the days of just hoping for someone to record a set; now I've got choices of which EQing of the bootlegs I listen to! Thanks, Netsch! Your work on it brings up the sound/dynamics/energy to be a lot closer to like what it was in person.
  2. Nope; the same screen graphics/shapes on black and orange Collapse shirt as weekend 1. I was really hoping for the grey screen graphics/shapes that was available at the NY show, but that didn't happen. Coachella is two weekends with the same lineup each weekend. So yeah, he played the first weekend on 13 April and then the second on 20 April. Coachella does their presale around August (if I'm remembering right) which is about 7 months ahead of the lineup being announced. Weekend 1 usually sells out during that presale. This weekend's set was amazing! So glad made the jump and went. One of the best experiences of my life.
  3. Bought festival and plane tickets a few days ago to fly out and see him Saturday. The most expensive single-show purchase I've made but I've been kicking myself for a few months about chickening out on buying a ticket when they initially went on sale (I got sticker shock) and then I wasn't able to get a ticket for NY within it's 8-second sellout. While watching the videos of the other North America shows as they started popping up I remember how it felt to be there in person for Coachella '08 and DFN; two of the most fun and memorable experiences of my life. I'm not a fan of what Coachella has turned into but I told myself I wouldn't miss an Aphex show if it was ever within reach (aka in the US, as I don't have a passport or income to travel internationally), so here I go on a whirlwind weekend trip that will be much more exciting than a normal one at work and home. Also, the person who recorded the high quality audio version of weekend 1 said on Reddit that they're going to record this weekend also. Just FYI to keep an eye out for early next week.
  4. Rich's music has had a positive impact on my life since I discovered it 20~ish years ago. His concert performances have changed my perception of what shows can be and I would love to have the chance to see him at a show that's not part of a festival where the artists are limited by what the organizers have for set times and setup. Tossing my name in the hat since I missed out on both presales and the general sale. Thanks for the chance, Joyrex!
  5. To echo the stories that have already been shared on here, this was an amazing night. I drove about 14 hours to meet up with my best friend who lives in Austin and then we drove the remaining 2-3 hours out to the show. We got to see him at Coachella in 2008 and this show was a perfect continuation to our Aphex experiences. I didn't think I'd ever get the chance to see him again, but I'm so greatful I did and super glad I didn't think twice about whether or not to go to this. The way the whole evening played out and all the circumstances envolved made it a night I'll never forget - one of the best, if not the best, nights of my life. We were beside the sound booth right behind a handicap viewing area so we had a great unobstructed view of most everything. The wind, the temperature drop, then the rain and the light show all were an awesome chaotic mix to give the show an extremely unique feel. A little after the halfway point in the set there was so much free space around us we could dance properly and did so for the rest of it. I haven't had that much fun or danced that hard in years. About 30 minutes before the end someone with a Cheetah shirt (a light blue one, not the navy one they were selling at the show) came over and joined our little dance party. It was cool to have that little bit of community feel and share the moment with someone we didn't know who was just as excited and into it as us. Super thanks to whoever recorded the full set audio! I don't know if it was someone on here or not, but so much thanks if they happen to read this. They were right beside me and I had no idea they were recording. Some of the non-music sounds are the exact perspective I had and you can hear my friend and I laughing and talking after the show before the recording cuts off. I've been a lurker on here for years (probably close to a decade now - thanks for all the info and entertaining dialogue, BTW) and I figured now, having experienced this same amazing event as many of you, would be a good time to chime in and contribute to keeping the great feeling of this night alive as long as possible.
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