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  1. funny, i thought of doing a godzilla and a ghostbusters one.
  2. the chairs are fine. we had to have our carpets pro-cleaned though. piss everywhere. hate cats and although i like dogs i ain't picking up no dog faeces daily, thank you very much.
  3. pics when it's upholstered westie.
  4. lol. well played.
  5. my weekend enjoyment... thornbridge halcyon imperial ipa and saint petersbourg imperial russian stout. odell cutthroat porter. founder's porter and centennial IPA. windswept APA. every one a top drop.
  6. who is girl in your avatar. she's a 15 year old russian figure skater.
  7. i read about a development in a derelict plot down near the parliament buildings... not sure if it's to be high rise.
  8. cheers d. it's my town. i miss it. if you've got eating and drinking covered in edinburgh, the rest of the time you just spend wandering and taking in the views. have fun manmower!
  9. ding ding! her support for Polanski is also incongruous with a mother outraged by a sexual abuse. Not to mention her and Ronan's tweets were just really weird. They keep referring to "a woman" accused Allen of etc. Why wouldn't she say "my *daughter* was molested by that monster". This was her tweet that only came after her son Ronan made an accusatory tweet. In fact her first tweet during Woody's award ceremony was a joke about changing the channel to watch "Girls" Who the hell refers to her daughter as "a woman"? it's to emphasize the fact that the globes shouldn't be rewarding him in the face of such accusations. whether it's her daughter or not, it's bad judgement on their part. that's how i read it anyway. She consented to having a clip of Allen's "Purple Rose of Cairo" with her in it be used for the Cecil B. Demille lifetime achievement video montage that he received at the Globes. keltoi: it's still inexcusable - if you want truth and reconciliation in this sort of intensely private affair, do you bring it out into the light with no fresh accusation or evidence, or indeed, no new criminal charges? Or do you try and resolve this intensely private matter in a more appropriate sort of forum? After the truth has outed, then yes by all means go public with your findings. Also did you read the Daily Beast article linked earlier in this thread? The author brings up a very interesting point: Take a long hard look at that last sentence and mull it over. :Takes a long hard look at that last sentence and mulls it over: edit - i hadn't read that article but i will now. brb.
  10. seriously go and see son of dave... [youtubehd]h3hcpttINNo[/youtubehd]
  11. your drinking buddy is clearly below legal drinking age.
  12. I got it, really shocking. What it has to do with Olympics being anti-gay? If i compile a video of mutiple cases how cops are beating negros USA will become anti-negro and thus any large sporting event including large amount of negros? Firstly, no one says fucking "Negro" dude. Secondly, Do you understand how quotations marks are used? Third, your logic is not logical. pwn
  13. interesting article about the venue... http://gawker.com/what-is-a-sochi-everything-you-should-know-about-the-2-1517362657
  14. banning info on homosexuality to under 18's is pretty anti-gay.
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