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  1. I have an el cap and it definitely has some kind of psychoacoustic stereo effect going on in the wet signal. both left and right are the same volume. if that helps
  2. Really nice tune, love the atmosphere. The sidechain is a little intense but everything else is solid through my earbuds
  3. mrfauxe


    I actually loved the relentless music and pacing. The movie is more an immersive experience vs getting to know characters and going deep into storylines.
  4. Every time I see a new NIN release I spent about a min listening, confirm it's the same old template and then proceed to rock the shit outta Broken
  5. Love the production and vibe. I could listen to an entire album like this. I felt like it lost some movement near the end. Maybe if the shaker that comes in around 1:30 didn't drop off, or instead you added more subtle rhythmic elements to keep it ..again..moving Still great as is
  6. nightcops + tayne = hypnotizing
  7. mrfauxe


    grateful I've gotten to experience something so fresh in my lifetime
  8. mrfauxe


    This is easily becoming my new fav genre https://soundcloud.com/cstanza/sets/george
  9. FINALLY letting this one go. First track. papa bless
  10. paid off, this is good good shit. Repeated listening
  11. THE BRO :) Mix bumps on my monitors. A little clean. Or is dry the better word? Some added textures, grit, some old school processing on the synths. That would be dope
  12. Love the title, love the textures, and the low end gave me diarrhea. (^^)b
  13. Is that a U220 Choir !? Atmospheres is way nice, kept me interested through out the whole duration. Drums sound sorta flat and mono. Panning the toms and cymbals would do wonders imo
  14. I love the grit. Love Jupiter Slam. You running through a drum machine or just picking the right samples/loops? If 'your flesh' had some kind of lead, pad, chord I'd be into it.
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