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  1. If only there was a redundant system that anyone in a country could log into and use for educational advancement....
  2. Yes! I felt like a warm feeling deep inside when I saw this album art. I can feel the cellophane being opened now. NOOOOOO!!!!!
  3. oh yes, this will help me ;)
  4. It seems as if I noticed more Autechre copying than RDJ the last time I was perusing electronic music listings, mainly due to the "glitch" genre becoming a thing. I haven't been keeping up since I don't follow trends so if I am wrong then, whatev...; ;) I usually just listen to techno and hard techno as my go-to when not listening to the more famous artists.
  5. I want to know what kind of systems people are showcasing this on. I have my little setup with bookshelf speakers, but the intensity of these sets warrants a true new-age audiophile setup. I've grown out of headphones for the most part due to fatigue without having the full body experience (not worth it anymore trying to fake it)... and this makes me definitively realize it. This NEEDS a real system. Hopefully I can move somewhere that will allow me to build an AE-Live audiophile setup, or at the very least something loud and dynamic enough to feel it and not just hear it!
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