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  1. https://recorddating.bandcamp.com/album/promenade i really like this. New debut EP i happened to stumble across while looking for new IDM, the production is really lush. Lots of memorable moments.
  2. Have been following this music for a while, I remember the alcoholwar bugdream page, so happy to see you're still active. Always loved your work. Sooo stoked to see you could be releasing on Love Love! They've put out a lot of great material, great folks.
  3. :o oh boy i'm extremely excited for a potential of "Txx" track releases. This new material he's been making has been wonderful.
  4. this is a show I've been doing for a while as a segment apart of the weekly online radio show "snareup" - put up a soundcloud page for it instead so they can be streamed back. thought some of you folks might enjoy it, I plan on keeping this up every saturday for ... a while.
  5. Enjoy :) https://greystarmusic.bandcamp.com/album/microtonal-nights
  6. yeah I think doctrine was partly sampled... partly a remix, partly a recreation. the lowride cover is hugely impressive, that's all just recreation with gear and the same sample source for the piano. i'm really happy with how the project turned out, all the tracks are really nice. Definitely more of a faithful cover album.
  7. bandcamp: https://afxtribute.bandcamp.com/album/incunabula-r soundcloud:
  8. huh, weird video. yeah I remember this from about a year ago on soundcloud: it's a very nice remix! Totally changes the feel.
  9. Side A is tracks 1-23 (ends at ModularT8 Spectral Modblur 2). Side B is tracks 24-45 (starts at ModularT3 schmod pulse).
  10. https://mega.nz/#F!4MYUUTDC!pwt8YwRu4pfFCdgrLICbtA here's mega link with split tracks + metadata. Done by Tytygigas and GreystarMusic.
  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/aphextwin/comments/71ff5r/mt_fuji_tape_side_awav_and_1_more_file/ rip available, just full wavs of each side. working on splitting them up ATM, will reupload soon.
  12. That whole lineup looks insane. Thanks for the info whitley!
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