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  1. Thanks for listening! Yep..working with MIDI drums is painful. If I did it again, I would get real drums instead - maybe in the future at some point I hadn't really noticed how clicky that was until you pointed it out. I explained above, but the original file was lost, so I could only completely re-do it, or add to the last bounced MP3, which I ended up doing. Should have backed up :(
  2. thank you for listening, and for the useful feedback on it. I was hoping that the beginning wouldn't be too obvious - I accidentally deleted this song's project file, and all I had was a very unfinished MP3. The original beginning had this awful MIDI bass in it, and I couldn't remove it or anything else that bothered me. I ended up just cutting a bar of the best part and looping it, but it never quite sounded right to me either (especially drums). Anyway I just really wanted to release it so I could focus on new stuff, and was hoping that only I would notice it ;)
  3. Heh - I think I know what you mean. Noted, and thanks for listening! Thank you I appreciate it! It was not mastered, I'm not sure what I'm doing with that stuff so I just put some multipressor on the output track and bounce it (Logic X)
  4. thanks all! appreciate you taking the time to listen and give feedback.
  5. Hello all, My name is Peter and I make stuff under the name Nautical Operator. I just finished a new song today and want to share it, all feedback welcome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oH7k5bjH3_w Thanks!
  6. Hello, I make music under the name Nautical Operator. I posted my first record here a while back, and just wanted to share my newest creation with you guys. Here it is on Bandcamp for free Thanks, -Peter
  7. Thanks, that means a lot to me. I appreciate you checking it out and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Not sure if you use Spotify but it was just added the other day for streaming.
  8. Hey guys, Relatively new to the forums here. Wanted to see what you guys thought about this record that I made in my attic. If you enjoy it you can download it for free. Here is the link to stream or download Thanks!
  9. Really interesting stuff, love the sounds you've made.
  10. Been looking for more things like BoC. These will be a great addition to my collection, thanks for sharing!
  11. This is beautiful, awesome job. Followed on SC.
  12. Sweet, thanks a lot for these! This is amazing
  13. Hey guys, I am new to WATMM as of this morning. I came in search of people who know this genre much better than I do. While I do really appreciate the works of Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, etc, I find something particularly special about Boards of Canada. I'll get to the point, does anyone know of any artists like BoC? I've listened to everything they've made front to back a million times and want some new stuff. Thanks!
  14. Wow I loved the sounds in this track. Reminds me a bit of Mrs. Jynx
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