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  1. This is already a huge help right now. Or maybe later. We will see.
  2. This self - isolation, quarantine scenario made me realise how easy it would be to prove now that time does not exist. Who wants to help?
  3. Did the same on Tuesday. Tbf I still have to go to work which is bit of a problem.
  4. Offline Masturbating Success Stories
  5. It does sometimes. Sometimes its actually better than the actual act, depends on the person, of course. What will happen to all the horror stories now that we have to self isolate???
  6. Oh, if anyone is interested here is the book I'm reading.
  7. Aye, it does sounds dreamy. This living in each other's mouth 24/7 is really not for me.
  8. hahahaha, yeah, I agree with this. Although if you establish a proper communication system where it is not necessary to be in contact 24/7 and you just write each other once a day or so it can be manageable. Started to realise at this point that establishing things at the beginning could go a long way in building a relationship, haha. I know: duh.
  9. Sorry, I hijacked the topic a bit. Back to tinder stories!!! I went on a date 2 days ago and I had to realise I built up a very specific list in my head about what I want and what are my red flags. This guy was SO MUCH of my type in lots of ways. But something was not right. Even the sex was good. But that's not enough anymore. I've changed so much in one year time, I can't believe myself. The other thing is that I am dating with this other guy who I started to really like. You remember in Sims when two Sims started to talk and get to know each other and they had this wee plus sign above their head every time someone said something they liked? That's how I imagine it sometimes, haha. I feel like we are both a bit introverted and like to be alone so meeting him can be tricky (he is currently in the highlands ALONE climbing mountains for 4 days).
  10. Yeah, totally agree. The book I'm reading basically making the same point and also goes way back to discover what were the social norms for us in the stone age, etc (spoiler: was not monogamy). I kind of feel trapped and anxious about my own feeling and desires sometimes and it is because of this way our society works. I also believe that there are way more people out there who feel the same way but suppresses these feelings and desires just to be in line with society's expectations. As for now I just stay with the 'I am single and I love it' thing and shut up about my broader views when it comes to a conversation like this, haha (I mean in real life, not on here, here I can say whatever:)).
  11. Thank you for the kind words 😗
  12. Ah this is everything if you are into ambient. yesss.
  13. I just don't think human beings supposed to be monogamous. Currently reading on a book on this. Science and evolution and shit, you know, haha. Also I always get dangerously bored if I have to have sex with the same person for a long time.
  14. I don't want to say I am poly because I have never been in an open relationship before (is that even the same thing??). I feel like I like to be single but also want to have this special bond with someone that does not restrict any of us of hanging out with other people BUT we have our relationship as the main thing and maybe flings on the side... I know , I know it sounds almost impossible and good luck to me, haha.
  15. My problem is that I can't imagine myself in a monogamous relationship and it is not the easiest to present to people. Luckily I found someone who is polyamorous, will see how does that pan out.
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