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  1. https://rosszrecords.bandcamp.com/releases Release date was 1st of May for this on my label Rossz Records Have a listen, I think most of you will appreciate it a lot 😉
  2. that reminds me of that scene from Peep Show when Jez... You know which one?
  3. Hmmmmm, I am not that keen on him. I fancy lot of people for different reasons though, like James Franco has the sexiest speaking voice and I think he is funny which helps a lot. and I do find richard d. james attractive, - it was not just a joke - , because I like awkward geeks, especially if they make beautiful music.
  4. I love this topic, thank you. I am a heterosexual girl, altho do have girl crushes and don't mind doing girls. too much info, lets see: and the guys: and the best:
  5. GUYS, I almost forgot this one. I always wanted to play this in a club, it has such great drops.
  6. I am in this body for almost 30 years and find it disturbing that now I have to welcome and get used to an extra tooth. I mean, come on, wisdom tooth. I was fine taking care of all my teeth and now I have to pay extra attention cause this one decided to turn up late to the party. It's like if my hand would decide to grow an other thumb or something. Poor tooth though... Now I started to feel sorry for it to slagging it down on the internet.
  7. OR, they have a very long bum that goes all the way up to their face
  8. awwwwwww ?I love to read success stories. keep 'em coming!!
  9. Update: deleted my dating apps a few days ago. I realised I am too romantic and still believe in bumping into someone special and I will know then and there. Dating apps are soul crushing in a way.* *I know there are success stories out there though!
  10. I can send it to you via wetransfer? (The upload was not from my own account so don't have access to that)
  11. Just started White Lines on Netflix last night. First I thought I'm gonna hate it and it's gonna be a cliche show with annoying characters but I actually liked it so far. There are exaggerations in it and some silly things, but it's almost like on purpose. I like shows with self-irony and I think this is on of those. Would be curious what other people think of it though.
  12. this reminds me: what are your favourite national anthems?
  13. There is a great docu series on Netflix called Explained - Brain. Check their episode about meditation. It is really straight forward and covers the basics you really need to know in like 20 mins so you can decide which 'style' would suit you. ooooh and then we can talk about yoga too ?
  14. I rarely have a chance to be proud of being Hungarian but these are the occassions. Bartok and Liszt were the shit, so good. Here is an other nice one from Bartok:
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