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  1. Second compilation of the label featuring Weith, Acidulant, Oxynucid and Some-E. Bandcamp link: https://rosszrecords.bandcamp.com/releases
  2. Because building studios in your free time obviously means you are an audiophile who is aware of the quality of every sound system in every venue beforehand? Obviously. I didn't say that, just assuming he probably cares abut what he puts out their under the name of Aphex Twin... I'm not sure why are you being mean :D
  3. This guy has 2 songs so far, I could not find any proper information on Soundcloud either, but this music is AMAZING https://youtu.be/_Ue100F4Bi4 Thool - The Dome
  4. Considering that RDJ builds studios in his free time I do not think he would agree to play with a shitty sound system. Anyway, got my tickets and I'm very excited!
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