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  1. Yes indeed, double dandy☺️ One of my favorite records! Nothing like it, and truly evolved his sound on it. i like to listen to “spatula freak” (best LP sleeve in history btw;) and “Chewed corners” in a row, some weird way they are reminiscent to me🤔
  2. https://przekroj.pl/en/culture/22-24 “Piotr: “Aphex recently told us that he loves trackers. It turned out we’d been watching the same old YouTube videos of trackers at the same time, including the one I had on floppy disk as a kid. We’re doing a project together in the autumn, for a premiere. I’m so excited.” But shh, don’t tell anyone!”
  3. Ah u also got the shirts? Me too! ive got a question, the print on my orange shirt seems very much smaller then i see on the pictures of the giftshop. My print on the L shirt is only 19cm.. Is it the same for u? It seems like their 2 different shirts?
  4. What i find very interesting about these Manchester an London 12”s, is the particular selection of tracks, and choice of medium. I think it is xtremely well done and suitable the way he has been releasing tracks these years. All the different ways hes been putting out music! I really believe it also a work of art. This “marketing” is really genius! (I know most of u guys think otherwise,😁😅) Look at the selection: -Rozzbox and midiPipe2: released on the bleepstore -Umil:As a bonus track for OrphanDJSelek (He is notorious for having insane good bonus tracks that would fit great on the release itself) -SpiralStaircase:track made under a fake name for a dj competition -4xAtlantis:A track introduced promoting Monologue -PretendAnalog and Nightmail: from the legendary SoundcloudDump (btw if this track came out at the time it was made it would have been a worldfamous rave Anthem! Its really REALLY insane to think of all that 10/10 music being just on tapes in a closet for 20 years. I mean WTF?!?! There is absolutely nothing like it.) -Soundlab20: It was released on this limited concert vinyl. ALL TOGETHER ON THIS VINYL!!! witch was on itself an crazy cool way of releasing music., it is all very wel fit and done conceptually.. What a fucking artist..
  5. Would appreciate that, thanx! Im curious if their all the same number...
  6. Hmm, some fox on discogs says this about HoustonTx : 500 pressed, 420 of which were sold at DFN merch table. This according to tweet from WARP representative. Anyone know what tweet he is refering too?
  7. Does anyone here know HOW limited these records are? Or how many where made of the London’17 and HoustonTX ?
  8. Yes,... i would kill for some new mu-ziq.... Chewed corners was da shizzz!!!! Nobody here has ANY inside info on this?🥺
  9. Holy shit,.... Just got my Manchester an London vinyl in the mail. I never thought i would own both of these. Really goooood start of the newyear!
  10. This is one of my favorite mixes of all time... does anyone know of he ever did anything more like this?
  11. im in london today, what recordstores should i go to?🙄
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