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  1. Yaaaaaas, thank you Nailed the sample too. Artifacts freaks techniques and keeps it flexi with tha tech
  2. So, one potential result of this question will be that I’m crazy, but anyhoo... On Drum n Bass for Papa (somewhere?!), there’s a track that has a vocal sample saying “I Freak Techniques” with a bongo-slappin drum break behind it. I’ve been searching for that breakdown and I can’t seem to find it, not on my copy, not on YouTube. In which track and at what time is that? Or am I crazy? I even found the bonus tracks thinking that might be it, but no.. Obviously checked the track of the same name, and that’s not it either?! bonus points for the vocal sample
  3. lol’d me Track didn’t really grab me. Lyrics kinda cringe. I also didn’t immediately dig the first single from Lateralus (forget the name) but loved the album. Hoping for the same this time around. Nothing matters to me except whether or not the music is fresh, ballsy and well produced. No Rogan, chargeable screen, wtfever
  4. Personally I dig it. Any recommendations on other, real, minimal, hard jacking, clean production, analog acid bang?
  5. Yeah I meant the Aphex track. Can’t figure out how to edit on my phone. I fuctup
  6. Yes, quality tracks..on point. Nothin but net deep walk off braindance three pointer swish at the buzzer.
  7. You’re right, although some of the other tracks do include vocal samples. Will just take a pass on the tracks with featured vocalists cuz I personally find them cringey
  8. Love Machinedrum...yes the sound design is probably next level..flipped it off after like 3 seconds because those vocals are just unbearable (for me.....)
  9. Madrid track is off the chain... Sucks to hear this talented dude apparently is not reaching his full potential because of life circumstances. I have gotten a load of enjoyment from his music, particularly Welcome and that first ep on Rephlex I think you guys should try to be gentle cuz you never know what gnarly shit people might have on their plate. It can exceed our imaginations, how bad it can get..... on the other hand, I also think that all people who paid and didn’t receive should get their money back
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