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  1. their warp site has a bunch of events for 18/11/2018... checked a couple of other artists, none have anything similar https://warp.net/artists/autechre/ ...i think i'm enjoying this too much
  2. Hiya again. On Friday, going in on some real twisty electronic music. The Stag's Head, Hoxton, London, 8pm, £5. https://www.facebook.com/events/323441911385943/ RENICK BELL (UIQ, Quantum Natives, Halcyon Veil...) Masterful live coding don, all the way from Tokyo. FLORA YIN-WONG (Pan, PTP) Kaleidoscopic genre traversal. CXLO New local heroine who killed it last week at New River with her vision of post-AI London. CALUM GUNN (Conditional, Baba Vanga) Impossible rhythms, 303, punished footwork.
  3. Heyyy youse. You might like: A night of luxe electronics, from your favourite friends at Conditional. All happening on Friday at New River Studios, Manor House, London. Tickets: https://billetto.co.uk/en/events/morkebla-cxlo-en-creux-cosi-and-the-source-of-some-certainty MORKEBLA Dense textures colliding in a vacuum, smeared beats and a deft subtlety. As seen on Where To Now?, Farbwechsel and Slumdiscs. "Morkebla's angular yet refined sound portrays alien landscapes being created and destroyed in constant mutation." - The Wire http://morkebla.com/ CXLO The sound of post-AI London, painted in broad strokes of glossy synthesis and stuttering rhythms. https://soundcloud.com/cxlo en creux Experiments in unruly meter, pulsing and unravelling. Repetition, reference, reduction. https://soundcloud.com/lucia-h-chung COSI, プチプチ AND THE SOURCE OF SOME CERTAINTY A special duo performance, grabbing samples from thin air and creating a confounding whole. http://sourceofsomecertainty.com/ https://soundcloud.com/c_o_s_i https://holodisc.org.uk/
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