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  1. trying to build some muscle memory w/ a new mixer.. all rough edges are intended 😛 (2018) Skee Mask - Via Sub Mids [Compro] (2019) Meat Beat Manifesto - Pin Drop [Opaque Couché] (2020) □ - □ [□] (2018) Ekhe - Tuli Banyo (rave edit) [Tuli Banyo] (2020) Daniel Troberg - Life On The Planet Cybotron [Isolation EP] (2020) ERRRGO - Somnium [HD.023 | FRACTURA EP] (2020) Vytear - Exit Extinction [Kingtrips EP2] (2019) Daed - Aria [Coordinate] (2020) Nahash + Osheyack - The Horns [Flowers of the Revolution] (2019) Rognvald - Shit Hot Car (Five Speed Mix) [Xwife] (2020) Seven Orbits - Ravevv101 [EP0001] (2020) ADVANCED AUDIO RESEARCH - Titanium Bells [Top Secret] (2013) Jodey Kendrick - Matashi Acid (Spun Mix) [WTFLOL] (2020) Daed - exception [Irregular Expressionism] (2020) Stazma - Nanobot [Shapeshifter] (2013) Ventolyn & Becotyde - Our Upward Shimmer Out [Colour Gasping [Expanded Edition]] (2017) Babyshaker - Graved Up [Rubber Banding EP] (2001) Emotional Joystick - Muddy and Sloppy [Bellicose Pacific] (2020) Stazma - Emo Droid [Fluorhydrique EP] (2012) Odan - Sci Fi Wrapping (Market Forces) [Chunk Spanky] (1996) Dummy Run - Elocution [Dummy Run] (2020) Daed - iter(31/4) [Irregular Expressionism] (2016) Synthamesk - Imprints [Regression] (2006) Venetian Snares - Cancel [Cavalcade Of Glee And Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms] (2012) Richard Devine - Creature II [Creature I & II] (2017) Alessandro Cortini - Finire [AVANTI] you wouldn't hear this w/o these artists / labels: iliantape.bandcamp.com meatbeatmanifesto.bandcamp.com/ eodtracks.bandcamp.com/ hakunakulala.bandcamp.com/ detund.bandcamp.com heel-zone.bandcamp.com/ vytear.bandcamp.com/ occultresearch.bandcamp.com/ analogicalforce.bandcamp.com/ svbkvlt.bandcamp.com/ rognvald.bandcamp.com/ advancedaudioresearch.bandcamp.com/ defunktrecords.bandcamp.com/ edmsoundwave.bandcamp.com stazma-the-junglechrist.bandcamp.com/ ventolynandbecotyde.bandcamp.com/ amen-tal.bandcamp.com/ clockwaverecords.com/ store.kaometry.com/ venetiansnares.bandcamp.com/ richarddevine.bandcamp.com/ cortini.bandcamp.com/ please give them some love!
  2. (2014) Have A Few Get Some - World War Three [Adios Amigo: The First Decade/The Last Dance](2011) Have A Few Get Some - Epidemic [Tiger Jigsaw](2018) Razat - Fuzz (Shield Remix) [Saturation (STRTEP058)](2015) VORRS - BUTTERGUTTS [XXXXX](2008) Untrkmind - Fillergy Snippet [Unknown](2007) RENEGADE ANDROiD - Your First Falling Star [The Brilliant Opus Of Nothing](2019) Gooooose - Integer / Along the Synthetic River I (Samuel Kerridge Remix) [Rusted Silicon](2019) Gooooose - Integer [Rusted Silicon](2014) Cut Hands - Black Mamba [Afro Noise I (Volume 4)](1996) モルダイバー - Seiki Ni Koi Wo Shite [Ano 8](2019) Mun Sing - A War in Heaven [Cache 01](2015) Lorn - Shelter [The Maze To Nowhere / Part 3](2003) Bexarametric - And the Toys Came Marching In [Bexarametric Pressure LP](2007) Liar's Rosebush - Series and parrallel [Circle the Squares](2000) Funkstörung - A Bottle, A Box, And A Mic [Appetite For Disctruction](2006) Nauseous Youth Future - Constant Anti [Dosage](2001) Patcha Kutek - Olluquito Con Charqui [Lomito Saltado](1992) Curve - Falling Free [Aphex Twin Remix] [ANXT 41](2014) Demdike Stare - Null Results [Testpressing#004 [LOVE89]](2016) B.yhzz - HOL [Contra EP](2018) AQXDM - Ballad [Aegis](1988) Ecstasy Club - Jesus Loves The Acid (Acid Chant) [drop1](2018) Elysia Crampton - Oscollo (drums only version) [Physically Sick 2](2019) Zohar - Mad Drums [Zohar - ZHR001](2018) Demdike Stare - Pile Up [Passion](2017) GRAŃ - Too Much [Candles](2018) AAR - B-03 [FirstGrade](2018) Woulg - Baud-Y [Last Time LP](2016) Lakker - Maeslantkering Gating [Struggle & Emerge](2019) Eomac - Transmutation, Redemption, Forgiveness (Errorsmith Remix) [Reconnect Remixes](xxxx) Shatterbreak - spazmold aggrojelly kaeaus [unreleased](2011) CEP2plet - emotional sickness (Sick Mix) [emotional sickness](2018) dreamcrusher - Naked [Grudge2]
  3. Nobody got any info on my shiny sticker? (Latté quoting Latté) i bought my copy and one of the afx shirts at field day.. the sticker was part of the t-shirt package
  4. hello people, in preparation of christmas and our lovely Deathemberfezt (http://telegra.ph/2212---0201-DEATHEMBERFEZT-mit-exLEp%C3%A4ng-12-12) we, exLEpäng!, have started a little christmas calender. every day a new mix from us and friends. enjoy! ...and if you're near leipzig between Dec 22th - Jan 2nd come around and have a beer with us! cheers! DOOR#24 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng24-lord-of-wtf DOOR#23 DOOR#22 DOOR#21 DOOR#20 DOOR#19 DOOR#18 DOOR#17 DOOR#16 DOOR#15 DOOR#14 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng14-mellow DOOR#13 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng13-eine_million DOOR#12 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng12-tilo_roth DOOR#11 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng11-marshall DOOR#10 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/pang10-disput-acid-drill-idm DOOR#9 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/pang09-mellow-breakcore-radau DOOR#8 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/pang08-nur_hechtsuppen DOOR#7 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng07-caedes DOOR#6 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng06-firle DOOR#5 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng05-aehm DOOR#4 DOOR#3https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng03-katyes DOOR#2 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng02-dj_hells DOOR#1 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng01-tilo_roth
  5. Hypnotuba - Beet Curiosity [The Box] Karl Marx Stadt - Vgamz [1997-2004] Bogdan Raczynski - Fnck You Dj (The Flashbulb Rmx) [unititled 7inch] John Williams - Indy's Very First Adventure (Peter Griffin Remix) [indiana Jones And The Last Crusade Soundtrack] Secret Mommy - The Drink [Hawaii 5.0] Doktor Kosmos - Holiday [Cocktail] Batfinks - Csarver [No sympathy] Kettel - South Lamar [Voiceless X] Karl Marx Stadt - Moonie Moonstone [1997-2004] Nero's Day at Disneyland - Women Are Not Things [Grievances and Dead Malls EP] Global Goon - Moon Pool [Goon] Mr. 76ix - Other (Acid Reflux Mix) [030303 #2] Batfinks - If The Sun Dies [No sympathy] Xyqph - Variant 5 [Float] Wevie Stonder - History Of Dogs [Drawing On Other People's Heads] Ceephax Acid Crew - Probey's Poker (Vinyl Version) [World Dissolver EP] Sytrjv - Vrak [Lateral Latency] Exile - Mushroom Santa [Pro Agonist] Frederik Schikowski - Soviel An Zärtlichkeit Und Schmerz [Adsr009] Dino Felipe - Humbus Amhong Us [Dinosaur Bones & Pyramids] Venetian Snares - Fluff Master [songs About My Cats] Kettel - Secret Amanda [ibb & Obb - Original Soundtrack] Doormouse - Good Night [Major Changes] https://soundcloud.com/caedes/frozen-in-time-and-yoghurt-birthday-gltich
  6. hi guys, this is my set from our summer party in leipzig this year (http://telegra.ph/Zommerfezt-mit-exLEp%C3%A4ng-07-30) it was an intro set for the breakcore floor, so i tried to build a bridge and speed up at the end though i think the tracklist match with the taste of the board https://soundcloud.com/caedes/zommerfezt-elipamanoke-040817 of course feedback is welcome :) tracklist: (2017) Brainwaltzera - ten ton fenix [unchosen] - βκ [Outdives EP] (2005) Karsten Pflum - Guld og gammelt jern [Flugten Fra År 2000] (1992) Hyper On Experience - The Frightner [Fun For All The Family E.P.] (2005) Wirebug - Gorfus Gizmoid [Ce La Fai ? Vinyl] (2003) Cylob - Smack 'Em Up Sharp [Rephlexions! An Album of Braindance!] (2017) EOD - Swurlk (Snarlfingercroak Mix) [swurlk EP] (2014) Henry Homesweet - Whomp [LOVCD00] (2017) afx - Nightmail 1 [orphans] (2013) Odan - First Fix [Viper] (2007) Kettel - Coddle [Whisper Me Wishes] (2007) The Tuss - Rushup I Bank 12 [Rushup Edge] (2004) karsten pflum - A1 - Pollenpark [Dogcatcher EP] (2011) Stunt Rock - If I'm Not Sincere Enough, Please Let Me Know, And I Will Squint More [Regret™ Instruction Manual Issue One: Questions And Answers For The Insecure Youth] (2017) afx - get a baby [Hangable Auto Bulb] (2003) Emotional Joystick - Next Time [bellicose Pacific] (2012) Odan - Crackon [Arachnodan] (2017) Gareth Clarke - Smoke [Voiceless Y] (2014) Beatwife - Colmatron [Cornbrail Acid 2] (2016) ninja sword - damage over time [] (2017) Aphex Twin - milkman bonus beets [Girl/Boy EP] (1998) Gescom - Untitled [MASK 400] (2003) afx - Mangle 11 [Circuit Bent V.I.P. Mix] [Rephlexions! An Album of Braindance!]
  7. so glad to found this thread your album poems is one of my highlights this year and its great to read how you did your stuff.. Analogue Bloom <3 much love from germany!!
  8. he's getting better and better.. for me this release is his peak
  9. hard to pick only one.. would be a1, a5, b4 in that order
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