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  1. nebularisme

    WARP 30

    Have you seen this? https://artists.wxaxrxp.net/sign-up That's cool!
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/BsGIBm5hDhi/ So it seems confirmed, Richard will play Coachella in April..
  3. it's in stock in the bleep.com https://bleep.com/a-retail-opportunity just ordered.. ps. now in stock even in the Aphex store
  4. dude it's just a mix of: Aphex Twin - 42DIMENSIT10 and Underground Resistance - Nannytown ;-) I have to say that you're absolutely right indulin. Sorry I was wrong!
  5. From 1:25:48 to 1:29:06 there is this track in the mix
  6. I'm listening to it right now! Sounds great! So happy finally someone ripped it! Thanks to who has ripped it in two wavs and thanks to who has divided it into tagged mp3 tracks! If and when the Master himself will upload it on the store I'll buy it asap!
  7. that track of Lanark Artefax is also available in WAV/FLAC here https://bleep.com/release/85654-lanark-artefax-whities-011 and here https://boomkat.com/products/whities-011
  8. hey phudoshin have you seen this?! posted by the master himself in the drukqs promo page! "Did anyone lose an order with this? Please say here or on SAW2 and I will make sure you get sorted out. Those 2 tracks were added by someone at Bleep when I was away doing a gig and I couldnt access the site to fix it. Not sure who thought those 2 tracks go on fucking SAW2!.. Jeez"
  9. same here, and even bleep.com it's down! some major changes or adding.. or their server collapsed! hope to get the fuji rock cassette tracks!
  10. Interesting! It would be so nice if Rephlex came back with all of its old releases on Bandcamp and it would be a dream if it went with everything planned but then did not come out. Even only digital. So with all this AFX hype maybe MfM is really coming soon!!
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