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  1. Just ordered the vinyl, it sounds too amazing not to. B12 are so damn good.
  2. Sup nerd, didn't take you long to find me hah.
  3. Saw a user on here the other day called Brian Dance, thought that was pretty genius...
  4. Richard? Nope, there are a few people living in Cornwall. 536,000 to be precise.
  5. Yea man, Quaristice looks by far the hottest. I'm not all for just grabbing artwork off the internet and printing it myself, even if only for personal use. But there's really not a whole lot out there at the moment unless you wanna pay £100+ and I'm not really feeling the whole Elseq artwork as a poster either...
  6. I'm looking for high res AE artwork to turn into a poster for my room, the only problem is it's somewhat hard to find... I'd love to have the poster in A1 or at least 20" x 30" so it's gotta be big. Can anyone help? Pic related my best find so far, I'm sure you guys have better shit though.
  7. I'm currently sat on 85 hours worth. A lot of which is shit let's be honest but I see no harm in downloading tracks like throatie or whatever. Perhaps not the 2 hour Paulstretch remix though...
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