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  1. Really? So i'll never find a decent reverb in a Multi FX unit? also 'Mrx', 'Ten Fingers' and 'Chunky' I should point out that I am not after a sampler or anything with keys on it. Just an FX unit :smiling: The Nord Modulars arent samplers, and the Micro Modular and G2 Engine have no keys. You just happen to get some extra stuff as a bonus.
  2. Wumpscut would fall under the German man named Dieter with a handfull of pills and a bottle of astroglide subset in my mind.
  3. you are full of lies. That was later on, and real purist Industrial fags will tell you it stopped being industrial then. Other purist Industrial fags will tell you it STARTED becoming industrial then. Still others will claim that.... Really just fuck Industrial because nobody can even agree what it is or isn't. You basically have to infer through context clues which Industrial people are talking about.
  4. "Industrial" in its original and most pure form is more about banging on metal pipes with other metal pipes and that sort of thing. Stuff like Throbbing Gristle, which is just people banging on shit, taped, then distorted and looped over itself into a mishmash of nonsense noise, with the occasional bit of singing/screaming thrown in. No synths at all. Sometimes people mean this when they say industrial. Othertimes, people mean getting ass fucked by a gay German named Dieter while listening to Covenant. If thats what CATS meant then all he needs is a copy of Reason, a handfull of pills, and a bottle of astroglide.
  5. Except for the reverb (which I believe is in the G2) I would say a Nord Micro Modular.
  6. Bleep Labs Thingamagoop A microphone and the contents of your kitchen
  7. Or you could just get two sequencers that will allow you to change the pattern length on them, that have external sync, and sync one to the other. Set one to play a 5 beat pattern and the other to play a 3 beat pattern.
  8. Because dedicated multi-control surfaces are not cheap, everyone has a monitor, and you can just pop these on when you need them then take them off when you're done? I mean, sure, given tons of money we'd all just buy a couple of Lemur's and call it a day but provided this ends up as reasonably priced as it should be then it's fairly interesting.
  9. Why not? Just record a quantized 5 beat measure and a quantized 3 beat measure at the same tempo and loop them playing together. Quantized 5 against 3.
  10. I get violently angry when someone is off beat. Jesus fucking christ if there is anything worse than a fucking drummer like a hair off on anything. It makes my fucking neck twitch. I say quantize everything, everywhere, all the time.
  11. The Raagini is an electric tanpura, which is a type of drone instrument in traditional Indian music that classifies different tanpura's and tunings thereof as "Ladies" and "Gentlemen", from wiki:
  12. These circuit bent ones are new jackass, and they are tablas, not raagini's.
  13. I believe "." should change the note to ----, but I can't remember Matilde specifically.
  14. I actually did a search but since WATMM's search feature is so fucking useless (circuit bent tabla returned like every thread in existence... good job search!)
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