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  1. aiueo


    New MV out. As well as the album "Decoded Sphere". https://virginbabylonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/decoded-sphere
  2. aiueo


    Yes! I am based in Berlin. I will be performing AV live for this event in March. https://www.facebook.com/events/433103910908223/ with Defasten. https://www.defasten.com/#/decoded-sphere/ Another track preview from the upcoming album.
  3. aiueo


    NEW ALBUM "DECODED SPHERE" OUT ON 29 FEB 2020. Self-notes about the album "Decoded Sphere" When we perceive this world through each of our filters (or rather, we tend only to recognise it that way), it is within such a worldview that emerges. This album was named Decoded Sphere with the meaning of "a representation of the world seen through coloured eyeglasses." It can feel very obvious when you reflect upon it. You can often be overwhelmed by the fact that there are different worlds as many as the world's population. I have been very attracted to music that can be listened to easily, and whilst has an infiniteness within the structure that reveals itself when we concentrate to listen. For example, in the Bible, there is a layer that functions as a story, and another layer that can be overwhelmingly deeply interpreted if read by an earnest person like Luther. I am very interested in making music with such a pyramid structure. To talk about the time structure a little, all songs are in 6/4. In many cases, the rhythm elements are constructed with "6/4 x 2" and the melody elements with "8/8 x 3". It's not my intention that the words I'm writing now work to keep my thoughts "here". Rather, it is my intention that words take off from "here" and function so as to bring out new meanings, interpretations, and the worlds. Finally, to quote Ionesco's word, "let the words say what the word never meant before." I want this album to work that way.
  4. aiueo


    Hi Watmm people, Here's a Watmm track from me. 🙂 Btw, any of you here in Berlin...? Best, Yu
  5. Hi, Very nice finding this thread. Thank you for your interest. :) Actually I was not referring to any of Autechre / Plaid stuff when I was making the album. Also I did not sample any of the melodies from them either... Could you clarify which of my tracks and which of Autechre / Plaid tracks sound very similar? So that I can avoid ending up similar melodies in a future! Best, Yu
  6. aiueo


    Thought this could be interesting for you guys...! (Let me know if I'm spamming too much here...) [AV Installation Archive] Music : Yaporigami Visual : Kezzardrix installation piece for audio-visual exhibition “Chromesthesia Resonance” Curator: YEH Ting-Hao Exhibition Dates: 2018-09-01 ~ 2018-11-18 Place: Digiark Gallery, National Taiwan Museum Of Fine Arts [Description] We will challenge to present a work focusing on the collapse and formation of rhythm by music and images. The Gestalt collapse is known as a both auditory and visual phenomenon in which you lose cognition of ‘form’ such as rhythms once properly recognised. In ancient Greece, the rhythm was called rhythmos which refers to the formation of ‘forms’ in a wide range of fields including placement of objects and/or establishment of humanity. When recognising the rhythm, the human nature or personal emotions can be evoked. When losing the rhythm, those are put in an ambiguous state until new ‘form’ can be found. Fluctuation on this boundary has a mysterious charm. Through the collapse and formation of rhythm on the time axis, we would like to question how ambiguous our perceptions are.
  7. aiueo


    Happy New Year, Everyone! Here comes an album preview of "We Dance Alone" on Detroit Underground coming in Feb 2019. Hope you enjoy it. ;) Y
  8. 01. James Shinra - Vital Heat [Analogical Force] 02. Lycoriscoris - Flight [Anjunadeep] 03. Aphex Twin - Collapse EP [Warp Records] 04. Oneohtrix Point Never - Age Of [Warp Records] 05. Roel Funcken - Sapper Moton EP [Analogical Force] 06. Kanye West - Ye [Def Jam Recordings] 07. Robert Fleck - Soft Focus EP [Well Street Records] 08. Daisuke Tanabe - Cat Steps [Knowmad Records] 09. The Necks - Body [ReR Megacorp] 10. Zuli - Triger Finger [Haunter Records]
  9. aiueo


    > auxien Glad to hear that you like the track! > Roo Thx for your detailed comment! Yes, you are right. It's not as high as Xinri release however I'm seeking to make tunes that is more durable (if this makes sense!). Next year will be very exciting as I have a few release confirmations already at this point. I will update you guys soonest with the information! Cheers, Y
  10. aiueo


    Hi Everyone, I have been experimenting with 6/4 time signature recently and also trying to find a fine melting point between Techno, IDM, Braindance, Breakcore, Ambient and Electronica.I'm pretty convinced today that I have finally found / done it. Here is the result to share. If you like it, please share / spread the word! Any feedback(s) are more than welcome. :) Cheers, Y https://soundcloud.com/underarrow/yaporigami-smaragdgrun-demo
  11. aiueo


    Thank you very much for your loves! :D Btw, could I drop some recent tunes here please...? Here we go. https://soundcloud.com/underarrow/yaporigami-hello-world https://soundcloud.com/underarrow/yaporigami-shadow-recorder-demo Hope these fascinate you! Best, Yu
  12. aiueo


    Hello, My name is Yu as known as Yaporigami. Found this thread few years ago and thought I'd turn up now and say hi. Thanks for checking out my music. Much appreciation. :)
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