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  1. title track demo is out! i made sure the pads are ✱massive✱
  2. updated again, there was a rhythmic mistake in 'metal mass' that was making the main loop hard to read. it was difficult to pin down what it was, but wow it sounds so clean now. 1st and 2nd jams tracks have changed too, i think you'll enjoy the swirling pads in the latter
  3. updated 'metal mass' and 1st jams track! preliminary tracklist for the EP is 1 hyper level 2 metal mass 3 wizard level (1st jams track) 4 get hyper! (2nd jams track) 5 slime ability (contains 3rd jams track as middle section)
  4. very excited to show these to you! these are the first demos for the 8th milkyheart EP, 'hyper level'. i was mainly exploring the sound design of extreme walls-of-sound compression. i think the tracks will end up being longer than usual and having a layered structure. i had a huge vision for this and worked thru the night (despite the mixtape also needing attention)
  5. i've had more sessions with this track and made improvements based on listener feedback. it's maybe 80% done at this point, the biggest issue is the lack of bass frequencies. the length has stealthily climbed to over 3 minutes in the process now's a good time to check it out!
  6. it says i have already changed my nickname this year. 😞 which is true, but that one-time restriction did not account for the forum upgrade.
  7. hey, my name has reverted back to what i registered as. is there no nickname option this time? i'd prefer to be known as milkyheart (my artist name) to avoid confusion
  8. it's almost criminal to get Renoise for just 50 euros for what a powerhouse it is. i couldn't write the stuff i make without it. flexible workflow if there ever was one. here's a real artist working that DAW: and poor old me banging rocks together:
  9. (loud as usual) WIP of second single from my coming mixtape, this one kicks off the whole thing. it's basically 3 sections that i've more or less bridged together. missing some instrumentation but the main ideas are in place i think
  10. yeah, i think that would really take this track to the next level!
  11. i just got this groovebox last week, it's super fun to toy around with. music just happens by itself thru happy accidents have you tried it, or are you interested in getting one?
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0WDWloNyJE you might've heard an earlier version of this track on my April medley.
  13. (a bit loud) work-in-progress track. open to comments and inspiration on where to take this next
  14. Jump is my jam! glad to have you back
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