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  1. now that is a compliment. thank you! btw, on the Soundcloud playlist in the OP, there's now a 4-minute bonus medley!
  2. i've decided to add a bonus track for Soundcloud and Bandcamp listeners only. ...i would gladly upload to Spotify and other music stores, but unfortunately DistroKid doesn't let you edit releases like that... https://soundcloud.com/milkyheart/sets/11th-ep-demos https://milkyheart.vip/album/bang-ep
  3. https://milkyheart.vip/album/bang-ep these tracks are a result of a creative explosion after a lengthy absence from music-making. the EP was written and produced in one week, but the tracks are still polished and have lots of details for curious listeners.
  4. hey, so in 2022, i've been mostly working on my video game projects: https://verysoftwares.itch.io/ however, now i got an inspiration for my 11th EP, and have made a Soundcloud playlist for its tracks. keep in mind that these are work-in-progress tracks and that the playlist updates on my whims. but right now, there's at least something to show for all planned 5 tracks. would love to hear your thoughts!
  5. https://milkyheart.vip/album/3butterf-exe-ost the soundtrack to my latest bullet hell game. it's very square wave+noise.
  6. my game's soundtrack is now available on bandcamp! three short but sweet funky tracks designed to be looped. https://milkyheart.vip/album/momentum-ost
  7. so did you know i also make video games? games can be a great venture for musicians! this is a track with many contrasts, it should keep your brain occupied as you go for high scores. check out the game here (Windows only): https://verysoftwares.itch.io/momentum
  8. any thoughts on this? it's only 7 minutes off your busy day 🙂
  9. 10th Milkyheart EP, Express Anti-Derivative Energy https://milkyheart.vip/album/express-a-d-e
  10. the demo traxx have combined over 400 streams! let's keep pushing!!
  11. now in a handy playlist for your convenience
  12. 4th track sounds something like this, could be longer
  13. PS. there's a 4th track on the way, i think this EP might have 6 tracks
  14. 169 streams on Spotify! let's push for some more
  15. this is a sister song, probably ending up on the 10th Milkyheart EP
  16. https://milkyheart.vip/album/chipbreaks-ep yooo new short but sweet EP! combining breakbeats with Atari ymVST sounds
  17. now over 250 streams on Spotify! let's push for 1000!!
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