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  1. On 11/12/2022 at 8:03 PM, Summon Dot E X E said:

    I can't adequately describe any of these songs, which is a good thing. Very cool sound you've developed.

    now that is a compliment. thank you!

    btw, on the Soundcloud playlist in the OP, there's now a 4-minute bonus medley!

  2. hey,

    so in 2022, i've been mostly working on my video game projects: https://verysoftwares.itch.io/

    however, now i got an inspiration for my 11th EP, and have made a Soundcloud playlist for its tracks. keep in mind that these are work-in-progress tracks and that the playlist updates on my whims. but right now, there's at least something to show for all planned 5 tracks.

    would love to hear your thoughts!

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