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  1. btw, full versions are now available on my mixtape: https://forum.watmm.com/topic/96560-milkyhearts-curious-compressed-february-mixtape/ i'll be doing alternate takes of the tracks for the separate phunksounds single release (targeted @ 3.3.) - jammy bits will be re-recorded and some other parts fine-tuned
  2. added a Japanese bonus track, an alternative ambient/droney ending :) if you bought already then you may re-download from the link in your email btw, i just discovered the mixtape proper works quite well in reverse track order too. perhaps this symmetry is a good thing.
  3. solid. final station is my favourite, marvelous times has pretty synths, the beat in son of a... gets a little repetitive
  4. https://milkyheart.vip/album/curious-compressed-february-mixtape fresh fresh fresh. a blend of unreleased tracks and final masters for released tracks from february exactly 24 minutes, genre varies between funky and jungly and glitchy though the milkyheart sound revolves around loud chopped drums streaming is free but all support is welcome. first purchase has been made already :)
  5. thanks a bunch! the recipe of the milkyheart Noisinator is secret, but alas, there's no flanging involved. yeah, it's a jazz/funk solo. and that part is improvised (with small clean-ups) --- i'm actually pretty proud of the track myself, i learned a lot while making it and the end result carries a lot of meaning. to me it's about butterflies as a symbol for reincarnation, i can sorta imagine a glitched nature-themed music video the track's also featured on my mixtape, with two or three quick edits: https://forum.watmm.com/topic/96560-milkyhearts-curious-compressed-february-mixtape/
  6. the ep is getting close to release, i'd say it's 85% done i'll try to specify what's still missing from each track rainbow whirlwind I: ✱better snare mixing during The Drop, I've used just the trick for that in my february tracks ✱some bass licks here and there to fortify the rhythms ✱don't get me wrong, this one is pretty much complete rainbow whirlwind II: ✱look into some smoother transitions ✱again bass is lacking electric-mountain: ✱oh boy, this one's still missing like half the track ✱gonna have a long session with this one chinoise: ✱just missing the bass - it's on its way in the latest project file butterfly fx: ✱this one sounds real good already ✱rework the melody near the end ✱see if it's worth extending the final whirlwind
  7. short & sweet track that originates from my last few days' malaise. i might extend this with some new elements.
  8. good textural techno is an instabuy :=)
  9. made minor edits to this, for example the bass is louder now and some transitions better signaled
  10. except for that strange interactive part with the audience call & response.
  11. tasty hissing sounds, like supercharged vinyl noise. very subtle variations going on. balada acolada seems to be some kind of remix? i enjoy that one too and wonder if these could be mashed together in one track, like part 1 & part 2 of the same theme
  12. nothing like that, more like a passing interest thanks for the feedback!
  13. i might still work on this one, but it’s listenable individual track not part of any EP/album/single release
  14. this gives me the image of an imprisoned creature that tries to climb out of the noise, but keeps drowning in it. as always, in awe of your texture work.
  15. the current master is 3:42. it gets more jammy towards the end yeah something like that is good kiarchive and https://rhythm-lab.com/
  16. real nice drum work. combined with the piano, it creates a unique atmosphere.
  17. structurally no problem. has this mysterious sort of feeling that reminds me of dub techno, and it's constantly evolving in subtle ways. the bass has a good sound, i'd like to hear more of it earlier in the song. the mix might perhaps need an exciter in there. the kick drum could also be higher in the mix, it has a neat crunchy reverb trail that's now covered up by other action.
  18. thanks. yeah the tracks are short cause they're so heavy. a pacing question too, important to keep the new ideas flowing in an album format.
  19. renoise's native effects go a long way, especially with instrument macros and such automation
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