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  1. @FX-MATRIXT1 is actually in there, although very hard to notice. It begins around the 7:00 minute mark. I was very impressed somebody actually caught it and realized that's what it was lol.
  2. popeonarope

    WARP 30

    My excitement for this dropped down to 0. Maybe we'll get a new/unreleased Aphex goody during Weirdcore's slot.
  3. Yeah, I saw a few tracks recently identified on the various setlists available on reddit. Even some of the closing live modular noise ended up being full-fledged tracks by another artist. Other than the intros and live versions of Aphex tracks, I'm willing to bet the "new tracks" probably aren't his. If they are, they're definitely not as obvious/apparent as when he debuted T69 Collapse and MT1 (exception is 1st 44 at Forbidden Fruit. I thought it was an unreleased Jlin track or collab. Fooled me). The only one on that youtube collection that makes me go "hmmm" is the one that starts around t
  4. I'm not entirely convinced that the tracks at 27, 33, 35, 41 min are even his.
  5. Are we really thinking a brand new LP is coming soon?
  6. It's a bit interesting how she's being put into the limelight a bit more. Makes me wonder if she's had more input creatively than we thought with the most recent releases or we'll be seeing her more involved going forward.
  7. https://dunerecordsepsylonn.bandcamp.com/track/gipsy-shermann
  8. It's Anastasia. Confirmed by weirdcore on his instagram. Also, pretty sure that Richard confirmed it himself on the bleep store comments section. 3rd pic in the kneeling pose looks like her.
  9. She posted on twitter with a bigger hot take https://twitter.com/MichelleLhooq/status/1115636154362150912
  10. I don't believe it'll be streamed (rarely gives permission for pro-shot live streams other than the field day NTS stream). Also, he's not on the streaming list on youtube https://www.youtube.com/coachella
  11. I'm pretty sure a good amount of the tracks he played live are Paula Temple tracks. I can't identify them (maybe unreleased), but they sound like her.
  12. Yes. During the live rendition of Tha, an image of some writing pops up that read "Mexico will not pay". :51 mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wQlgFXItnU
  13. How do I go about purchasing a transportation/bus ticket from MX City to the venue? I don't really understand the website.
  14. Despite the official facebook page saying otherwise (possible damage control), there's a very high chance that Massive Attack won't be playing this (not sure how they can plan an "illness" unless it's surgery related). If that's the case, I wonder who they may get as a last minute replacement?
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