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  1. I put Pool on the turntable this afternoon and was reminded about why it was my favorite album of 2021. So immersive and hits all the right spots for me. And then it turns out he just put out a new surprise release today called A. It's a compilation of unreleased tracks from 2015 to 2019 and all proceeds go to humanitarian Ukraine relief organisations. Unfortunate circumstances to say the least but excited to get another surprise Skee Mask release. Also, somehow had no idea about his SCNTST alias until today. I look forward to digging into those comps after I've listened to this new release a few times
  2. Yeah this release gets better with every listen. Snagged the tape without even sampling it and don't regret it one bit. Can't get enough of his music in general. Invariant was a top three release for me last year and has been in constant rotation since it came out. Music for Six Rooms is good too but hasn't hit quite as hard as Invariant (or this tape). I feel like it probably will though at some point.
  3. Looks like Mr Huerco S just put three old releases on Bandcamp today that have not been there before. Haven't had a chance to check them out yet but looking forward to it.
  4. New Grouper related album surprise released today. She revived her Raum project with Jefre Cantu-Ledesma for the first time in almost 10 years. Just listened to it and it does not disappoint at all. Fitting perfectly with the icy weather outside the last few days. It's been a welcome surprise to have both this and the new Hoavi (listening now) released on the same.
  5. I've always liked Atobe but never gotten super deep into his work (mainly listened to Butterfly Effect and Heat). Bought this on a whim the other night after hearing Love of Plastic 5 and finally listening to the full album this morning. It does not disappoint at all. Vibrant stuff that's going well with this crisp cool sunny morning here. Just finished and about to start it again, which I rarely do.
  6. Haven’t had a chance to listen but I see it’s the same length that Boomkat has listed for that track.
  7. 100%! Loved the reissues from earlier this year. This is one of those releases that I feel like was tailored for me. Seefeel and KMRU have been two of my most listened to artists over the last year and a half to two years (KMRU's Peel was probably my favorite album of 2020). Instantly bought the cassette/zine release on Bleep and hoping to have time to listen to this in full tonight. Totally unexpected but exciting way to close out the year as a big fan of both artists.
  8. Bought this as well and feel the exact same way. I'll definitely be putting this on from time to time in the coming months and I don't know if I'll ever complain about him reaching into his archives.
  9. They just put out a remix of Fuck Off Money by Cortini for Bandcamp Friday. Like both Mogwai and Alessandro Cortini so unsurprisingly I've been listening to this quite a bit over the past few days. https://mogwai.bandcamp.com/album/fuck-off-money-alessandro-cortini-rework-2
  10. I just started digging into Tortoise's catalogue in the past year or so and am looking forward to giving these live sets a listen soon: https://pitchfork.com/thepitch/dont-call-it-post-rock-a-deep-dive-into-tortoises-best-live-sets/
  11. He just posted this on Instagram about another new album: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHbpilBAOqL/?igshid=n0dkr0mssqad
  12. I’ve been meaning to check out Pye Corner Audio for a while. Should I start with the Black Mill Tapes or somewhere else?
  13. Finally have gotten around to listening to this and it is excellent! Glad this was posted here. Would love for there to be a vinyl release of this sometime soon. I see this being in my rotation for quite a while.
  14. Agree with all the praise in here! This is easily one of my fav releases of the year. Never really got into PC Music's catalog before this so I didn't really expect that but loving the variety and the consistency on this thing. And apparently A.G. Cook just announced another album is coming in September called "Apple". This one seems more traditional with only 10 tracks: https://www.residentadvisor.net/news/73313
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