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  1. Yeah can’t really get into the newer stuff. And by newer stuff I mean it sounds like Bibio covers or something. Happens to the best of them I suppose. What I’ve wanted for a long time is a strictly instrumental beats/heavier on the electronic side of things album, which as far as I know he hasn’t done. Everything is a mixed bag which some of his earlier stuff after the lofi folk stuff lends itself to beautifully but it just feels like he has never dove in headfirst to heavy electronic beats which he has on every major album, and excelled at.
  2. So uh who is the chick up there with him at both Coachella and the Brooklyn show?
  3. I'm going to echo the sentiment that seems to be pretty prevalent in here so far that I really hope whatever this is does not sound like that mystery clip. He's done this style to death. I love the funky acid just as much as anybody but my god we have Analord, Tuss, ODS, Syro, and some of the older stuff peppered throughout his catalogue. I think I remember reading a Syro interview where he said something along the lines of Syro kind of being him capping off his explorations into that particular style and that he was moving on to other things. I'm sure I'll dig it no matter what he puts out, but I will be disappointed if we don't get some next level bangers. What I personally want is him to ditch all the gear and just shred sound on a laptop again.
  4. Even digital? That's a shame. Oh well, still super pumped for this. Previews sound awesome. Really wish this was offered on CD as well tho.
  5. I like this record, but man it could have been so much better if he would have dove into the concept album pool like he wanted to. That interview where he says James Blake told him to steer clear of that....are you kidding me? Who is James Blake? I feel like that was the one thing holding this record back. Every time a narrative begins being explored, it's cut short. Which is a shame. There are moments where he really hits on something and apparently James Blake decided to cock block the rest of it. Whatever it was, this album could have been amazing, but it's just pretty good. It's an interesting listen, and the album artwork and packaging is probably the most badass shit I've ever see. Wish the music matched that.
  6. You just eaten my last ounce of Wurst, Spiral. I am not saying that in a gay kind of way. Seriously, fLh, really? What's attractive in that track? Anything? 5 Ae fans like it. The other 90 Billion don't. fLh is sick. One of my favorites of the entire sessions. Pure funky ae hip hop.
  7. Give me the best track from it to listen to and I'll do so. This is my fav off Bottomless Pit. Album is number two behind Money Store for me. Killer hooks.
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