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  1. I'm very interested in the Arturia Microfreak - anyone got one? I think there's quite a few decent budget synths these days that are either in the market or coming to.
  2. Thanks man some food for though eh. Cheers!! You know it!!! Yeah man I agree defo!!! Thanks.
  3. Some more new age funk 😉 Listen to The Bro - 80s Untitled (demo) by The Bro on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/btGeS
  4. If I get to 5 minutes then I'm doing well ha ha.
  5. Banger!!! I heard this earlier.
  6. Forgot about this video. Almost 16000 plays lol.
  7. You should go real oldskool and use an Amiga!!!
  8. Thought so sounded like it was done in a Tracker. I use Live but downloaded Vivid Tracker for the ipad the other day!
  9. Oldskool in effect. Love it. Super deep subs and lovely little amen. What do you use produce dude?
  10. Its gonna be a mere £300 I understand. I mean if Roland were to do rerelease the 909 with the same specs at double the price that would sell as well!
  11. Thanks for checking it out and no worries. I hope to post some better videos in the future.
  12. Right that makes no sense to me 😂 but I'll give it a go and if I get stuck I'll come back to you if that's okay! Thanks. Can't see the picture lol.
  13. Yeah I saw Sunvox man but I wanted to try something more akin to what was used on the Amiga lol. I may give Sunvox a try though thanks. 🙂
  14. Hey all is anyone using it? I want to know how to cut up breaks in it. Apparently it's like Pro Tracker on the Amiga. There's only a very simple manual online. Thanks in advance!
  15. Second attempt at a Mod Tracker tune. Not that great but have a listen. 😂
  16. Wow thanks man. Feeling your tunes a lot! Anyone else digging this? 😄
  17. Good stuff. BM2 is a great app. I'm using BM3 at the moment. Made this little techno jam on it actually! The Bro - 2am Vibes (demo) by The Bro | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  18. Yeah the ipad is difficult for making music - I can contest to that. I've made many tunes using the ipad though but yeah in itself without any knobs to use or a proper keyboard its a pain!
  19. That's a nice looking drum machine!!!
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