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  1. Ooo I like that especially those pads that come on top. Nice!!!
  2. That acid line is proper creamy. Nice.
  3. Thanks man - your words are really appreciated. Blessings. 🙂
  4. The Bro - Retro Style (demo) by The Bro | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  5. The Bro - Retro Style (demo) by The Bro | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  6. Jake Slazenger - Das Ist Ein Groovy Beat Ja!
  7. I had a listen to these Jake Slazenger archive tunes. I was quite excited when I came across them but to be honest there not really my thing. I just find the chords and melodies too obscure. It's weird because I'm a massive Jake Slazenger fan but these are too hard to enjoy lol.
  8. Thanks man for the kind words. I did enjoy making this and seeing where it would go. I've extended it now to 3.5 mins. Not sure I'm totally happy with the direction but will get my keyboard out and have more of a proper play with it another time. Let me know what you all think of the update!!! Thanks. The Bro - Retro Style (demo).mp3
  9. Yeah man I'll lower the volume of the square lead as I agree its a bit loud!! Thanks for listening. Anyone else yo?
  10. I did some eqing and raised the volume on some of the synths!!! Enjoy!!! The Bro - Retro Style (demo).mp3
  11. I made some sort of synthwave type of tune!!! Emotional. Enjoy!!! The Bro - Retro Style (demo).mp3
  12. Thanks lol. Not sure if that's a good or bad reaction tho ha ha. Anyone else got any interesting reactions!!!
  13. I used to program everything in in Cubase ... longwinded but fun lol.
  14. Yeah a bit early to wear but I got another special thing arriving soon!!!
  15. Listen to The Bro - Creep (demo) by The Bro on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/4kaTM
  16. The Bro - Creep (demo).mp3 I made some dirty evil electro techno. I know its clipping ..... haven't resolved that yet though. Just something I started tonight. Let me know what you think all!!! 😎
  17. Love those pads and that FM bassline lovely!!! Really really nice man!!!
  18. Thanks dude I'll keep working at it. Blessings!!!
  19. I made something dark muhaha. Just a quick thing would love to get your views on it!!! 1924331022_TheBro-ZombieGroove(demo).mp3
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