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  1. What label is this on - where can I find samples to listen to it!!!
  2. I can't believe I hadn't this one before but fuck me its good!!!! Discuntek (Discuntek) - YouTube Why is embedding not working anymore by the way Joyrex?
  3. The Bro - Trip To Uranus (demo) by The Bro | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  4. I like to write dance music but yeah house and techno I guess. My tunes always sound more techno than house tho ha ha!
  5. Yo guys am up to 94 subscribers on my Youtube channel now. I've gained about 30 odd in the last month or so!!!! I want to hit 100 before Xmas. Help a brother out lol. If you sub me I'll then check out your channel and aim to sub back!!! Peace. Aaron Baird - YouTube
  6. Thanks man. Appreciate that. Really into your tunes too dude! Ha ha cheers. Big up!!!
  7. This stuff reminds me of SAW2 and Seefeel. Very nice dude. Good for late night too when you just want something simple to listen to.
  8. Some dubby dubstep. Enjoy!!! The Bro - Never Give Up Dub (demo) by The Bro | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  9. Lo Five swears by it. Its in his set up. I can't afford it at the mo but may get one in the future!
  10. Anyone got one? Priced has dropped to £149. Looks well tasty!!! Thoughts?
  11. Lol. I guess that dude dancing in his pants in a positive? Anyone else feeling this tune and dancing in their pants to it too ha ha???
  12. Longer please. Nice intro pads. Nice beats too. Had me hooked fairly early on. 😄
  13. I sort of half like it. Not really keen on the fx though. I like the beats and the 303 riff but could do with some pads and maybe a vocal. I guess I'm oldskool. What drums were you using sounds like the 707? Not bad.
  14. Check this out guys!!!
  15. Now you're talking I love B12!!! https://youtu.be/YhpoD_VlcII
  16. Shame it's not the full version. I had it free for 6 months. Ableton Live 11 looks dope though.
  17. Some Junglist bizness!!! Woop woop!!!
  18. Thanks. It was a long time ago 😂
  19. Me dancing like a mad dude lol.
  20. Me back in the summer. Not recent but I was trying to find a good portrait ha ha. And another one. Peace all!!!
  21. Sorry I don't spend my days trawling through all the threads on WATMM. 😂
  22. https://www.synthtopia.com/content/2020/10/20/novation-aphex-twin-intro-limited-edition-afx-station/
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