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  1. Buses are very simple. You just hop and hop off ... all you need is an Oyster card!
  2. Lol. :-) I would love something like the drum brute. I got a few drum machines a Yamaha RX15 and a Roland TR505. I really like oldskool digital drums but the drum brute does sound punchy especially for its price!!
  3. Pretty wild beats. Its amazing what you can coax out of the drumbrute eh. :-)
  4. V4 of this track. Mastered using the Audio Mastering app so not sure how this is gonna sound. Listen to The Bro - Take me there (4th demo) [Master 1] by The Bro #np on #SoundCloud
  5. You gotta be kidding me I think the RY30 sounds amazing. Proper beefy sounding drum machine. Definitely on my want list once I get some decent money!! Used to own a TR606 too but only for a week. I regret not keeping it. :-(
  6. Lol. I'm lucky I don't really drink. :-)
  7. Ha ha yeah I'm enjoying them when they're young. Time does fly I guess but I suppose you adapt and all. :-)
  8. You guys are gonna hate me but I went off 'IDM' long time ago. The really noodly stuff I just don't get anymore. Am I alone? :-)
  9. Sounds like you got your hands full!! My kids are very young .... 1.5 years and almost 4. I think I'll let my boy start to play with the Monotron when he's two or three and see how that goes. I'm showing my little girl chords on the Casio SA46 keyboard I got for her and she's sort of getting it but its a slow process lol.
  10. What oldskool drum machines you guys own? I've got a Yamaha RX15 (clap and snare are decent) and a Roland TR505. I really want a Roland TR707 as I love its sounds which I prefer strangely over the 909 and 808.
  11. If you've got kids at what are they interested in playing with/making music or learning piano etc? I have two kids and my little girl shows not much interest but my boy seems more curious and he's only 1.5 years!! I say that if I get some Ipad synth on then my girl plays with it but I'm not sure she's that interested.
  12. I think I might get it for my little boy for Xmas or for his birthday. Mind you he'll only be 2 lol.
  13. Looks great only thing its lacking is some sort of syncing options. Great toy for the kids as well as adults I reckon!!
  14. I don't know what is going on. The link is active but when I cut and paste it doesn't work. Very frustrating!! If you click Listen on Soundcloud beneath the embedded player that works.
  15. Listen to The Bro - Take me there (2nd demo) by The Bro #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/thebro/the-bro-take-me-there-2nd-demo
  16. V2 with sub and better mix!!! Listen to The Bro - Take me there (2nd demo) by The Bro #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/thebro/the-bro-take-me-there-2nd-demo
  17. Working on a version 2 of this but any comments or criticism welcome. V2 is coming on nicely.
  18. New slice of dubstep let me know what you guys think. 1st demo - will do more to it when I have more time. Thanks. Listen to The Bro - Take me there (1st demo) by The Bro #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/thebro/the-bro-take-me-there-1st-demo
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