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  1. Thanks for the comments guys I appreciate the time taken to listen to my tunes. Feel free to comment on the others too. :-)
  2. Anyone got Arturia Spark LE? I got it like 3 years ago. I think its cool but 1 I couldn't register my software. Tried multiple times but without joy. Then later they brought out iSpark for the Ipad which meant I could use the software with the controller on the ipad. Anyways ispark has been abandoned now. I think Arturia really need a kick up the ass as they just don't seem to care. :-(
  3. I often use swing on my tunes. I'm using Beatmaker 2 if that helps.
  4. New poppy uplifting hip hop demo. Enjoy!! Listen to The Bro - Never Say Die (demo) by The Bro #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/thebro/the-bro-never-say-die-demo
  5. New dub / dubstep ting. Enjoy!! Listen to The Bro - The Enlightenment (demo) by The Bro #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/thebro/the-bro-the-enlightenment-demo
  6. Listen to The Bro feat Zozu - Freedom4ever (2nd demo) [Master 1] by The Bro #np on #SoundCloud
  7. I like the riff mate. Its funky and am feeling it but more needs to happen a bit quicker. Also I think the second riff which comes in seems slightly out of time. Needs some electronic chords imho. I like your tunes mate I just think overall they're a bit minimal and drag a bit otherwise the parts are decent. :-)
  8. I might get one once I get my studio space back lol. Currently just using the Ipad.
  9. Are these any good? I got a bit hyped by the demo I saw on Youtube lol.
  10. Hello mate yeah I've got a load of complete tunes on my Soundcloud. I guess I just get excited by the initial idea and want to post it. This is one I will be working on so there will be subsequent versions. Thanks.
  11. UK Garage tune with Zozu on vocals. https://soundcloud.com/thebro/the-bro-feat-zozu-freedom4ever
  12. Thanks for the recommendations so far - clearly I need to research this.
  13. Hey guys what in ears do you recommend for listening / producing? I had a decent pair of Sony in ears before but they broke after 5 years. I know in ears aren't advisable generally for producing which is why I use over the ears for that. My budget is about max £30. Anyways over to you lot. Cheers.
  14. V2. The piano should be much clearer now. Enjoy!! Listen to The Bro - Rising (2nd demo) by The Bro #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/thebro/the-bro-rising-2nd-demo
  15. Enjoy!! Listen to The Bro - Rising (1st demo) by The Bro #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/thebro/the-bro-rising-1st-demo
  16. Yeah just had a little listen to the clips. Can't say I'm feeling this ep that much. I think for me his sound has gone a bit too dark and minimal for my tastes. Respect to Steve though 'cause he's a top bloke.
  17. Is this dark stuff or uplifting as not really feeling the most recent B12 output. Their old stuff is ace though and I'm massive fan.
  18. Love Lone - he's one of my favorite producers now!
  19. I just use samples. The Yamaha RY-30 is pretty good for kicks - they're really beefy!!!
  20. Dunno why nobody comments anymore but here's v2. :-( Listen to The Bro - City Riddim (2nd demo) by The Bro #np on #SoundCloud
  21. Guys can you help me with this? I have a very rudimentary compression fx in Beatmaker 2 on the Ipad but want to know what settings are key to getting a bass to sound nice and beefy and even leveled using a compressor. Thanks.
  22. Hey guys made this 1st demo on the Ipad using Beatmaker 2. Let me know what you reckon. Thanks. Listen to The Bro - City Riddim (1st demo) by The Bro #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/thebro/the-bro-city-riddim-1st-demo
  23. Any idea where I can download all the drum machines samples from maybe in zip format? Nice one.
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