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  1. Some Junglist bizness!!! Woop woop!!!
  2. Thanks. It was a long time ago 😂
  3. Me dancing like a mad dude lol.
  4. Me back in the summer. Not recent but I was trying to find a good portrait ha ha. And another one. Peace all!!!
  5. Sorry I don't spend my days trawling through all the threads on WATMM. 😂
  6. https://www.synthtopia.com/content/2020/10/20/novation-aphex-twin-intro-limited-edition-afx-station/
  7. I may revert to using Reaper soon as my license has run out on Ableton Live 10 suite lol.
  8. I think its good but could be better. I think for me it takes way too long for the breaks to kick at which point it was struggling to maintain my interest. Also the breaks sounded like they had to much reverb on them when beats ought to be largely dry. Also I think I would have like to have heard a lead in there or riff / hook to come on top of your chords too and for the bassline to get a bit more busy once the beat kicks in. I really think the beats should come in from around 1.5-2 mins max. Anyways hope you take my criticism with a pinch of salt and I am to be constructive. 🙂
  9. I made something pretty cheesy. Not really sure about it ha ha. Love to get some feedback all the same. Thanks. The_Bro_-_80s_untitled_(demo).mp3
  10. I like it. The chords are just my kind of thing but the sequence ends on a bit of dark note which just didn't seem to sit so well with me. Also I don't know the original but felt it was a bit slow. Nice tune though.
  11. Oh totally!!! Thanks for listening. 😎
  12. Hey Chim are you in the UK as someone was selling one on Facebook Marketplace for a good price!!! Yeah I got that VST already and use it a lot as it's very nice!!!
  13. And I uploaded it to YouTube if you prefer!!!
  14. Ha ha yeah man!! Yeah my daughter is filming she did a great job for a youngen!!! Thanks dude.
  15. Exactly sure you can get one for £200!!! You shouldn't have to pay more as there are so many of them around lol.
  16. Some more Acid with better audio!!! 😎
  17. Just had a play with it in the last few hours again. Jamming some B12 / Stasis type chords!!!
  18. Yo word up. Playing some B12 / Stasis type chords on the K1!!!
  19. Thanks dude!!! And thanks for the likes all. Anyone else feeling this yo?
  20. Something fresh from me The Bro. Enjoy!!!
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