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  1. Yeah it was stupidly phrased, meant to say that heroin has been scarcer than before and fentanyl has been even more accessible. Most of it has been imported (directly) from China, where it wasn’t a controlled substance until last year. So it seems that the dealers often do it out of necessity rather than as a business strategy, they cut their product with something else and then season it with fent to boost the potency but I guess they’re too lazy to do it properly, even if you used a sensible amount you’d have to make sure it’s evenly distributed. EDIT: I guess maintaining sales volume th
  2. What's the point of this from a business standpoint, to breed a double addiction in your buyers so that they want more of the drug? The price disparity in opiates and street benzos is pretty large, so I guess using a dab of fent in that amount to get them double-hooked gets made up in the added frequency of people buying and turns around to be cost-efficient? Or are the dealers simply doing it so that their (dirt cheap) drugs are seen as being the most 'potent' around and thus upping their rep? Well, this is the first time that I'm properly looking into this matter but apparently fent
  3. I wonder how WATMM would react to the news of a 21-year-old kid dying from fentanyl-laced xanax, if it was just some random kid? Would you crack edgy jokes and say that trashy people deserve to die trashy deaths? Or are you only saying that stuff because he made music that you don’t like and had managed to build an audience? I can see how criticism against his image could be valid, as it could be seen as irresponsible promotion of bad lifestyle choices, but I don’t see how straight up disrespecting the loss of this person's life would ever be even remotely okay. Besides, doesn’t it compensate
  4. Fair enough, that's kinda like admitting that reading Autechre in a text form would be too much for you to handle though. Just looking out for you, these kinds of statements might not fly well in a place like this. Also, on topic: my dad tends to get blood trapped under his toenails (I don't know if it's a genetic predisposition or if his shoes are too small) and I've witnessed him stick a syringe needle under there and squeeze the blood out with force on multiple occasions. As a kid I thought it was probably the most cringe-inducing thing I had seen. However I had the same problem yester
  5. I like to challenge my audience. That sounded a little passive-aggressive, as if you're a bit offended that I'd redact information from you. It's nothing personal. In fact, if it was just us two, there would be no secrets. (Call me.)
  6. Get a grip Stephen, don't you see what's happening? Don't succumb to the irrelevance. Don't let your entire existence be defined by some disc of empty calories and which toppings do or don't belong on it. Also my fwp is that I'm on a bus alone on my way back from the holiday sleepover extravaganza at mom's and all these normies around me make me feel DEPREZ AF because they seem to be having their shit together all nice-like and I'm a fr*ggin NEET degenerate whose only friend is cheeseburgerwalrus (my man tho). Also the guy next to me is solving a Rubik's cube but seems very restless and k
  7. Also I meant that I've grown out of caring in a general sense. Like my left big toenail is all bruised at the moment but I have no recollection of ever stubbing it. I am immune to pain and growing stronger every day.
  8. Oh I already have (you have no idea). Thank you though, I knew I could always count on WATMM to validate my emotions. I think her interpretation of the situation was that she was the one trying to lift up the Christmas spirits but everybody else was too deeply minding their own business or something. Then I ruined her mood by being so rude and she couldn't live out the Christmas fantasy she always wanted. It's one of the last remaining true tragedies of our times. (Also to be fair on her she had bought all of us presents whereas I just gave the usual gift of my wholesome presence. I w
  9. THE rules, you say...? You thi- okay, we've been through this already.
  10. Squee why'd you ask my age? Was I being fr*gged up too because my spontaneous reflex was to (quietly m)utter "go to hell" when I got startled at the computer? I assumed it was one of my sisters playing some kind of prank on me. Also when I refused to help my sister when she just kept trashing me? I'm just sick of their shit after all them years. Listen here I'm a NICE GUY but am I expected to hold onto some moral high ground when everyone around me keeps violating my human rights? You fault Rick Grimes for getting so worked up about about the zombie thing too? At the time I changed my mom'
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