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  1. First listened to Reach for the Dead on its day of release on shared headphones with my best pal in a tent in north Wales while it absolutely pissed down. Loved it then, love the album even more now. It took me a minute at the time, but now I think this is the best BoC release. So glad they changed their sound and we got something fresh, as bleak as it can be at times. Also glad to see its seemingly getting more love round these parts after all these years. As thumbass said, New Seeds/Come to Dust is a duo for the electronica ages.
  2. Managed to grab four, had an absolute nightmare when Natwest decided that this is the transaction I'm committing fraud with. Very fun conversation answering 10 security questions while the timer ticked down. Most people I know didn't get them despite being there before 9.
  3. Yeah I noticed that just now - it's the building from the Elephant and Castle roundabout that he was/is rumoured (falsely) to have lived in. Cheeky putting that in there! As for the track, loving it more with each listen. Nice to hear a marriage of his funkier and harder sides. Came home from a walking trip to find out it'd been released yesterday, but it can't be that limited as I bagged both ltd's from the Bleep store about 8pm this eve.
  4. Prepping my veins in anticipation of a hot injection of methoPhexate
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOzZLKycI2s Looks like he did another one for Penryn Space Agency a few days ago. Also hi, first post here!
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