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  1. went n saw the new Spiderman with the fam, had low expectations but was underwhelmed.
  2. that sounds up my alley, ill sus. thanks!
  3. and so it uttered, titling its offspring as five, whilst the youth - engulfed in flame, falling, expelled from his home - was born as six and Pilate wrote that that both arose from seven.
  4. also i tried to read Blood Meridian earlier this year but I genuinely think it triggered a depressive episode. the book is fucking gruelling.
  5. finished down and out in Paris and London by Orwell. reading David Graeber's book on debt, thoroughly enjoying. also reading The Master and Margarita before bed/whenever I feel like fiction and its a really good read. why on earth would they do that lmao
  6. alien covenant was fucking terrible haha. it started out promising, and even looked quite beautiful but holy shit the story was horrible.
  7. also fire. I need to find the stems
  8. I have attached my cv fromrefrainfromconsumingamphetaminessalv.rtf
  9. this Ski Mask TSG album slipped right under the radar, I swear
  10. microdosing in the tech industry makes me want to punch a dry wall. literally can't even have our drugs without them being used to maximise exploitation of our labor anymore lmao. true, that would be interesting to explore further
  11. struggling to finish Jeff V's Acceptance, it's interesting but I think I've just burnt out on all the characters. I'm diving into Roberto Bolaño's last book every now and then, I'm actually enjoying how unpolished it (apparently) is sometimes.
  12. I don't have time to read the whole article at this moment, but it's cool that these studies are being done again. I've only tried to make music while tripping on shrooms once, but I found it difficult, I think that was more due to being focused on other things though. Cool to imagine that LSD might allow you to take advantage of a different temporal experience and create rhythms in it.
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