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  1. Just finished In The Miso Soup by Ryu Murakami, read it in about two days n was well disturbed>:)! Now just diggin through Mark Fishers articles/interviews in K-Punk which i'm lovin. Also started Atrocity Exhibition but fuck knows when i'll actually finish it, ballard is a bit of a unit.
  2. spent the best part of an acid trip listening to this n just staring at the cover art. so beautiful.
  3. finally watching Evangelion.very pretty colours. Elfen Lied also is next I think, maybe Serial Experiments Lain
  4. Finished a cool art-deco scifi novel called Radiance by Catheryne Valente recently, really loved the first half and the alt-20th-century-history world building was lush with lots of cool but short descriptions of the politics of galaxy-wide expansion from Earth. Currently dipping my toes in a few books until something sticks, so far have begun The Trial, Count Zero by Gibson, and a collection of short stories by J.G. Ballard after reading a bunch of essays by Mark Fisher that praised him. I'm realising I hate hospitality and want to just work in a bookstore:(
  5. I made one for my y12 media project that was basically just an excuse to nerd out about Aphex Twin, Nicholas Jaar, Burial, etc
  6. Max4Live Convolution Verb w/ the KineticSoundPrism library atm. the Alesis responses sound lushhhhhHHHH. absolutely eats my laptop cpu tho.
  7. finished Gibson's Virtual Light, I feel like I enjoyed it a lot more than Neuromancer.
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