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  1. Just finished In The Miso Soup by Ryu Murakami, read it in about two days n was well disturbed>:)! Now just diggin through Mark Fishers articles/interviews in K-Punk which i'm lovin. Also started Atrocity Exhibition but fuck knows when i'll actually finish it, ballard is a bit of a unit.
  2. spent the best part of an acid trip listening to this n just staring at the cover art. so beautiful.
  3. finally watching Evangelion.very pretty colours. Elfen Lied also is next I think, maybe Serial Experiments Lain
  4. Finished a cool art-deco scifi novel called Radiance by Catheryne Valente recently, really loved the first half and the alt-20th-century-history world building was lush with lots of cool but short descriptions of the politics of galaxy-wide expansion from Earth. Currently dipping my toes in a few books until something sticks, so far have begun The Trial, Count Zero by Gibson, and a collection of short stories by J.G. Ballard after reading a bunch of essays by Mark Fisher that praised him. I'm realising I hate hospitality and want to just work in a bookstore:(
  5. I made one for my y12 media project that was basically just an excuse to nerd out about Aphex Twin, Nicholas Jaar, Burial, etc
  6. Max4Live Convolution Verb w/ the KineticSoundPrism library atm. the Alesis responses sound lushhhhhHHHH. absolutely eats my laptop cpu tho.
  7. finished Gibson's Virtual Light, I feel like I enjoyed it a lot more than Neuromancer.
  8. saw apocalypse now at the IMAX the other night, the journey up the river from Vietnam into Cambodia looked amazing. holy shit those sets must've cost a lot. also interesting to read about the debate as to whether it is a pro or anti-war film. second this
  9. spilt scalding water alll over my hand this morning making a coffee:( that honestly is tragic though
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