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  1. Yeah I feel like it's kind of an appetizer and I hope that means more is coming...glad she is branching out and doing other very interesting stuff with her art but I crave a full-length MC record for sure.
  2. Ok finally starting to digest the whole thing...so much to say but I think set 3 might be my happy place.
  3. Just picked this up--delicious tracks! What better way to pay tribute to your friend. I love that the album is dynamic and there is a diversity to the tracks but they hold together as an album. Right now my fave is "Mystery Loves Company". Perfect mix of glitchyness and thoughtful composition. The last track is also quite lovely...kind of BOC but less dreary...great work.
  4. It's premature but I am digging the first track very very much. Organic, crunchy, loose...i like this side of their work, there is room to breathe and time to let the funk work its way in...TG for hard copies cuz i never would have caught all the sessions. Here goes my next paycheck...gladly...thx ae <3
  5. Here's another newer track, more typical of my style. Adding to this thread rather than starting a new one and clogging up the works.
  6. Just previewing tracks and loving what I hear so far. Will definitely pick up a tape. Sounds like you got the warmth and the cold nicely balanced. Beats are on point.
  7. Really nice chill track. I'd like to hear a longer version. I like your use of pauses/breaks in the beat and the melody is quite lovely.
  8. Have not really kept up with Primus...but "Here Come the Bastards" is still on my car mix. I'll have to check this out...
  9. Nice track. Just enough breaks to give the ear a rest before the beat craziness resumes. Makes me want to play video games. I like the crunchiness you threw on the beats.
  10. What!? Many thanks for posting. For once I found a ltd. ed. Ae release before it sold out. Cool.
  11. I'm really digging B3, I think I enjoy the disorienting feel of the thing, the murkiness of the atmosphere against the drive of the beat. Looking forward to the physical release...just ordered Golden Wall and am very happy to have found your stuff...
  12. Nice balance between machine/glitch and human/emotion. Would be interested to hear a longer mix with more of a build. Really nice sounds.
  13. I can see why your wife says it sounds antisocial, I suppose, because it's sort of unrelentingly bizarre and frenetic, but I vote for just a bit tetched. When everything drops out and opens up around 5:55 or so it's a great feeling of release and allows my brain to come down from the trip, and the track seems to resolve itself while still maintaining its weirdness.
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