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  1. Like the progression from 2:16+ here. Nice stuff overall.
  2. Thanks. Increasing the sustain on the plucked sound left some lingering tones that I boosted with EQ and saturated/chorus'd.
  3. Love the 2 melodies with that bass progression (:36). Fun and has a nostalgic feel to it. The static'ey distortion even has a windy quality to it. 👍
  4. Does anyone like my ambient dirge waltz? It was supposed to be some background music for an evolution simulator with small polygon creatures searching for food, but I got carried away.
  5. Awful. Creative, thoughtful guy that I spoke to a bit through private messaging, but didn't know that well. His music was always interesting and I appreciated his unique perspective on anything he wrote about. My sympathies to his family.
  6. Nice. The sounds blend well. I was hoping you'd keep a chord progression going at 1:31.
  7. Love the chaotic 16th synth line on "compmate" and then once it merges with the amen. Everything fits together well.
  8. Solid. I would cut the transition part at 2:20 to 8 measures or bring the bass line back in after 8 measures. Feels like it loses too much steam.
  9. Quite. You either get this or you don't. But it isn't a big deal, anyway. Don't force yourself to like things.
  10. Most things I write start out on my upright and make their way into Ableton for coloring. The voice selection was inspired by a friend's attempt to re-imagine FFXI on a 2D platform, so for this I had in mind something lighthearted that might be used in less dangerous areas—"Town music" perhaps, or the beginning of a journey. I have a different version in my head which incorporates flutes and bells which I might return to, but yeah: for the context, I didn't want to clutter things. Thank you both for listening :]
  11. Wrote this for a video game that exists in someone's head somewhere. https://soundcloud.com/lascaille/light-1
  12. Dementia

    Now Reading

    Any idea where I might find a hardcover copy of Dune in Spanish?
  13. Just beat DaS and am now in the market for a used PS3 with which to play DeS. Holy shit, best game(s) ever. Would totally buy a PS4 to follow From.
  14. Sidereal midnight. Neither earlier nor later.
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