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  1. "Google is providing financial, technological, and engineering support to a range of startups through Gradient Ventures, a venture capital arm that Google launched in 2017 to nurture companies deploying AI in a range of fields." https://theintercept.com/2019/07/23/google-ai-gradient-ventures/ A sheriff launched an algorithm to predict who might commit a crime. Dozens of people said they were harassed by deputies for no reason. https://www.businessinsider.com/predictive-policing-algorithm-monitors-harasses-families-report-2020-9
  2. I've visited the steinvord tracks a couple times through the years. The energies in them are different in quality than either RDJ's or Toms' stuff. Richards tracks I usually sense a lot of intents like desire for "interesting", some "sentimental" but not syrupy, just, acknowledgment of beauty and it just gets more of like "concentration" when the complexity and intensity are up on the track. but typically pretty neutral actually. Tom I sense a lot of "mental melt" like psychedelic abstraction and a conscious fascination with that place. With his melodic aspects being m
  3. Ah, Thanks. I couldn't find a contact link on warp.net so was wondering how to make the connection.
  4. You've guessed correct. Up until this point the business has been resale based. This will be my first time stocking new records. So I'm super grateful for any tips or meaningful insights shared.
  5. Hello Friends. I could use some advice! Wife and I decided to open up a small shop selling LP's and vintage clothing. We already have most of our stock ready to go but I am wanting to specialize the records (new stock) according to the labels listed in the title as well as smaller more indy stuff in line (style wise) with the likes of this forum. Aside from directly contacting labels such as Occult Research and others that size, would anyone know the best route to getting some wholesale deals on new stock from the bigger names? I've got some bases covered but will use any info
  6. Sorry, "Reaper, Reason, Renoise" get's me wires crossed. Cheers
  7. creative arrangement and smooth sounds! Synth sounds could flux a little more for my taste. Great job!
  8. I like #3,4. Both emotional fields I don't mind residing in for a short spell. Ever listen to the boats? They have some good compositional I ideas that I think your music would benefit from
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