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  1. Friggin' AWESOME. loving the breakbeat fuckery here. Str8 🔥
  2. Ahh, Cheers m8! Hope you are well!
  3. Just finished Ep4 last night which crushed it. Huge Sandman fan, very dear to the heart (one of the first things my wife and I bonded over). Feel like it's getting better w every episode but also I find myself replaying earlier moments in my mind and discovering new layers as it goes on. Weird to go into this w such a knowledge of the source material, but pm thumbs up on the changes. Realize part of what is affecting things is that this is now a tv series, not a graphic novel being. 1:1 translated... as it should be. But, also, it features tonal shifts per episode that are also in keeping with the source material too. Very delicate balancing act. I do fear that a lot of the general public won't quite know what to make of it tho - it's... odd. Frankly, if it keeps up at this pace of quality I will murder Netlfix if they prematurely cancel it. Loads of groundwork being laid that beg to be unfolded ...
  4. EDIT: @Rubin Farr's news about Max Headrom. Dunno why the quote never quoted Saw that news yeatyesterday. I remember loving the series as a kid- weird cyberpunk sci fi... but 0 idea if it holds up as an adult. The og series is on Tubi, might take a peek and see if it's all just nostalgia glasses. The guy who plays Max (can't remember his name) is legit awesome in everything I've seen him in (usually bit roles, but great in Eureka, Star Trek, Supernatural, etc )
  5. Sounds great! Interesting mix of classical minded melodies juxtaposed with down and dirty breaks, inventive song structure that remains listenable and a palpable sense of fun. Fave track (so far) is # 5 (Twisted Mind).
  6. Love this one! A great collection of tracks that cover a wide swath of styles- but always something invokes an instant head nod. Fantastic!
  7. ^ another vid from GHounds for the EP. Incidentally, Lost Highway is my fave Lynch movie ever so pretty stoked to see this interpolation.
  8. Gonna clock so much hate for this but finished Kenobi and, unabashedly, loved it. Ep 4 is a slight drag but even that has some moments of pure awesome. Won't belabor it, but it both elevates the prequels and provided connective tissue and deepens the og trilogy.
  9. Thanks brother! Particularly encouraging as those were the two most recently completed tracks. Thanks for listening! 🙏
  10. Hi all! More than thrilled to have this one out in the world. Check out vid for first single from the talented GHounds crew + link to Bandcamp for full EP. Other, usual streaming media sites, itunes, etc. to follow soon. Enjoy! Edit: up on Spotify now, enjoy!
  11. Ok, perfect, thank you. Have been waiting to hear a "non critic" take on this. @dr lopezseems right that there was a lot.of hype during Cannes and then sort of nothing? Not saying I'm not going to watch, just nice to have a sense of what im.walking in to (in particular I'm a pretty massive ExistenZ and Videodrome fan, so a return by Cronenburg to that sort of genre makes my expectations higher than they likely should be).
  12. Overall, did you like it though? I just rewatched The Fly to get my Cronenburg Legs back under me before watching this one, May queue it up this weekend...
  13. Ps I "burgered" this because it was the reaction that most closely approximated my irl reaction of "oh shit sry m8, I've been playing the other game in the series 'when I moved the home studio into the baby's playroom I lost the usb stick that had literally all my poetry and prose for the last 25 years and I've looked everywhere but all I can find is random Pretzels and baby goop' wtf also would not recommend" To be fair, burger is pretty close to that tho. In all seriousness hope you find it!!!
  14. Just finished s4. @GORDOfeels kind of on point here, as it sometimes feels like just all set up for last couple of episode. My wife says that "nothing happens" in Stranger Things (by which I think she means the above... sometimes it all feels like setup for more setup). Had a realization though: because life there is no way I could have binge watched this. However, if I could have watched this all in like a weekend, I probably would have really enjoyed it. It's just NOT a season (maybe none of them are) where the episodes are really self contained or reach conclusion that's satisfying on their own (ep 4 maybe an exception). Again, life/age but if I could do it over, I'd somehow have a weekend free and just do bingers at the beginning of each episode until I either reached the end or passed out and would probably be pretty happy overall.
  15. Ffffffuck yes. Been waiting on this one for years. Still remember caching this in the theater when it came out, possibly my fave Lynch movie. "Trailer" is also so perfectly Lynch too.
  16. Unforgiven - still amazing, after all these years. Eastwood crushed it.
  17. In the Tall Grass - adaptation of Stephen King and Joe Hill (his son) novella by the director who did Splice and Cube. Fanfuckingtastic. One of the most Stephen King feeling movies (I mean, as in, it translates the feel of his books when you're reading it into something that works visually), but also more bizarre in some aspects. Definitely some Cube like vibes here, won't say more. A solid pop horror effort, 9.5/10. Bodycam - I watched about 10 minutes, fast forwarded through most of the rest and then turned it off. Some nice visual touches to this horror flick but Maru J. Blige (sry Mary) can't act her way out of a paper bag. I think there's some interesting commentary on policy violence but let's face it no one will ever sit through this entire film yo know foe sure. Batman:Ninja - I'm about 30 minutes in. Made by the same team who did Afro Samurai. Gorilla Grod has a time machine that transports (accidentally) Arkham Asylum back to Fuedal Japan. It's bonkers. Totally OTT, dumb dialogue, Catwomans boobies are like size Z, batmobile turns into batwing turns into batcycle turns into ... a mech? Basically, it's completely awesome and takes less than 0 thought to fully enjoy. Imbibe quantity for maximum enjoyment.
  18. Ahh, sry sry House of Leaves. I basically want every horror movie to be like it, but nothing ever comes close (w exception of the Kane Pixels Backrooms vids)
  19. Back OT/palate cleanser: The Night House Went in with pretty low expectations, left pretty glad I watched it. Rebecca Hall totally makes this one, as it's really a one woman show and she's just fantastic. I think the only other place I'd seen her was in Tales from the Loop and she was good there - and friggin' totally sells it here. Some really excellent audio work and some shit that legit made me rip the headphones off and have to, like, take a few deep breaths. Ending is a slight letdown and you kind of wonder if the Director has a cut somewhere which goes a little more bleak - but when you actually think about the ending and likely chain of future events .... it's still pretty bleak. Go in expecting kind of low-level pop horror and you'll be pleasantly surprised. 8.5 HOL's / 10 but it's actually not really like HOL that much at all so don't go in expecting genius
  20. Thanks Z. Yeah, I think (for whatever reason) I missed it initially but then I went back and looked at some of his old posts and then I was like "ooooohhhh right." I actually thought about deleting what I wrote because, you know, don't feed the trolls and all that, but then decided I'd leave it. I've been the target of random, violent verbal abuse in the past for no ostensible reason - sometimes because, well, I'm a minority. Sometimes, partly because of that "other" status, my defense mechanism has been to placate, which made me a pretty easy target. So, I guess, in this instance I took a while to process and then responded in a way that felt honest but not yielding. It hurt me, even if it was supposed to be funny, but what I wrote is the sort of measured way I wish that I could have responded in the past (or now). So, I'm leaving it, if for no other reason than to remind me that there are better ways to responding to such things than either a)lashing back out or b)just caving to it. Or saying nothing. And, lol, yeah, right? All OG's are now old AF - this stuff seems like the equivalent of kids calling each other "fags" on Xbox live - maybe understandable for pre-teens who don't really understand what they're saying, but ultimately just kind of shitty and hurtful to anyone who might be the target (or class being used pejoratively) and not something grown ass men should still be doing. thnx m8 🙏
  21. That seems .... unnecessarily harsh and pretty unfounded. I think I'm pretty clear about what my opinions are, that they are uniquely my own, with the caveat that what one conceives as self is largely a construct built off of a conglomerate of lived experiences. I'd argue that my initial review/opinion of the latest Bats is also fairly counter to a lot of opinions to here which, I think, makes it non-generic (if one defines "generic" as something like normative i.e., in keeping with what everyone else is saying). Certainly I didn't mean to offend, though I can't help but feel bit attacked here for no clear reason. I mean, is voicing what one person believes to be a generic opinion is worthy of such ire, I suspect we'd all be spat upon in such a fashion at one time or another. Which is, to say, more than anyone should ever be for voicing their opinion on a blockbuster film.
  22. Yeah, I feel like... first Nolan Batman was great because it broke the mold / refreshed the franchise, even if it wasn't the greatest film. Dark Knight w Joker I do really love, but a lot of that comes down to Heath Ledger being amazeballs. This one... yeah, I think it also helps I watched it over 3 evenings (#toddlerlife). If I sat through all at once I might have gotten fatigued. That being said. I guess I just really resonated w the whole trauma/anger/trying to move psst that towards something more like hope/love. Omg, I would have had 0 idea it ws Farrell. Apparently Reeves is going to do a whole Penguin series for HBO? That's def intriguing...
  23. Au-delà des murs (Beyond the Walls) So... not sure if this is a tv series or should count as movie, but I just posted in the films thread sooooo A three part miniseries (or, maybe just a longish movie), french surrealist horror. I was doing a search for visual stuffs that had a House of Leaves vibe/Backrooms feel and this came up. Its great. Best to go in not knowing much, but the use of liminal spaces is both well done and ends up going into unexpected places. One of those things where there is an underlying set pf philosophical principles that use the space as metaphor for internal, human things, not just "oh cool that's soooon weird." There's more than horror here, there is examination of loss, the human condition, love, etc. Its not perfect. Some parts feel rushed and underdeveloped while others feel, perhaps, too languid. The visuals are not the best, but they do carry with them shades of Lynch, and (thank GOD) understand they are working within budgetary limits that shouldn't be exceeded. What that means is the .... things you see may feel slightly theatrical, but will age incredibly well, as the horrors are less about how things look as much as they are about the ideas about why they do. On that topic, there are things that are left unexplained, in thr best way possible. Not that there isn't a conclusion (a very, very good one imop), more that the way things are presented are left up to you to think on/intepret. Less is more, show don't tell done right. 8 tesseracts / 5 and a half minute hallways
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