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  1. This is pretty awesome. I read the description and apparently the "floating blob dudes" are actually him on earlier passes on the track... so, basically, a recording of various versions of him working on the individual segments. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Cheers M8. Tom Ellis is the guy, you'll see him start to exercise his acting chops more as the series goes along. It does remain a bit OTT (it's a lot of drama that definitely swings into melodrama). I know for me, though, it ended up being this really amazing meditation on love/loss/sacrifice and some very deep themes that were carried off perfectly within the context of this sort of pulpy action/drama - in particular, you see all of the characters actually grow, change, and mature - something which is actually reflective of the show itself (starts off as procedural monster of the week, ends up being something much more). Hope you enjoy!
  3. Lucifer, final season. I bawled and blubbered like a little baby through almost every episode, particularly the last few. The rare show that somehow started off good and then just got better and better and better. I thought Season 5 couldn't be topped and I was so very wrong. Season 6 tore my heart out and provided an ending that was hard but felt totally earned/correct for everything the series has ultimately been about. I'd call it my pinnacle of guilty pleasure shows but I'm not even guilty about it so I guess I get to escape my hell loop 😈
  4. Yeah, pre-ordered Deathloop last night. Woke up this AM to see the 10/10 scores which has me hyped (I enjoyed Dishonored 2 but not as much as I thought I would, so trying to temper expectations going in on this one...)
  5. ^ Yeah, man, MIndhunter (particularly S1) is pretty fucking flawless. I heard a rumor he's thinking about going back in for another season but we'll see. I'm throwing caution to the wind and just holy fuck I'm hyped for this. To support the whole "meta" idea check out this still from the trailer where it's clear someone is watching the Matrix (or, at least a scene from it) in the world of the film:
  6. I literally can't *heart* this post enough. Bring it on!!!!
  7. Matrix news and Radiohead news in the same day? Sign my nostalgic ass up. Less stoked about this than the OK NOT OK release (and those leaked cassettes omfg that was a treasure trove) but still stoked. Follow me Around from this era should make most Radiohead fans go apeshit though I'll probably go gaga of the How to Disappear strings.
  8. hahah IKR?! No idea - very little has been said/revealed about it up to this point (which is crazy given how long it's been in production and how close to release). Would suspect this would be a one-off though... something about these clips feels awfully "final" to me...
  9. https://thechoiceisyours.whatisthematrix.com/ Well god damn I'm such a sucker for this sort of shit but color my HYPED. Great marketing - click on the blue pill or red pill. Video changes each time (and not just the time stamp - a lot of the scenes seem repeated but I've caught at least one new one literally each time I've clicked on this).
  10. Thanks Webby - the comment about the reverb tails is helpful. Trying to pinpoint where things are getting mushy has been a challenge, will go back and take a look/listen to this in the mix. Appreciate it!
  11. This is pretty nuts. Looks through that wiki link and non other than Ron Perlman is doing the voice of the main character, with Brent Spiner (Data) also playing one of the characters. I had completely forgotten about Zelazny until this post - I read a novel of his ages ago and was struck by how genre defying it was... chapters that were bits of poetry, just a total experimental approach to the genre. @ManjuShrican you recommend any books of his to check out?
  12. Reading this makes me want to watch Heathers again.... remember really loving it back in the day but wonder if it'd hold up to the test of time. ...
  13. Cheers! Appreciate the kind words here - the Forest definitely one of the recent things I'm most happy with. It is.. yeah, it meanders a bit. Glad you liked it. Very much grateful for the feedback on Last Days - that's a case of being too close to a track and not being able to hear it w/ fresh ears. Legit grateful to get some thoughts on how to improve things (ironically, I've spent 10xs more time on trying to get the mix right v the first one... funny how those things seem to go). 🍻
  14. Taken from reddit post here: https://www.reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful/comments/pbzaeg/oc_usa_covid_cases_per_100k_stratified_by_county/ As with anything, check the citations, throw in considerations for limited sample sizes, etc. ... but think this is mostly spot on...
  15. I watched some movie a few weeks ago but when I came here to post about I legit couldn't remember what it was. I was like "it's definitely got action and maybe some sci fi elements?" Couldn't remember. Realized last night it was Tenet. A competently made, well shot, well acted, well directed, Christopher Nolan puzzle box film that, and here's the twist, is utterly forgettable upon completion.
  16. Ok thanks @Rubin Farr @Valleyfold @realthanks @yekker Really do appreciate the input, sounds like watching the series is the way in. Cheers!
  17. Ahhh. Mmph. Ok, I didn't feel like I wanted to kick myself in the balls after I watched it. I know that doesn't sound like a winning endorsement, but given all the terrible reviews feel like its necessary to say that. It's very ok. I've been thinking about how to describe and what I can come up with it this: if this came on the USA network horror movie matinee when I was 16 on a rainy Sunday afternoon and I watched it I'd be like.. well, not the worst way to spend an afternoon. Its a very mildly entertaining horror flick with a few good ideas, a couple of good jump scares and thats about it. My advice. Don't waste the rental fee, wait until it comes to streaming in 2 months and you have a Sunday to kill. Also, get really really high first.
  18. Welllll, I mean. Look. Evangelion is held up as a pillar of anime and it's more a matter of I don't know what I don't know. Partly because of the rehashing of old things in the various iterations, it's hard for me to figure out an entry point. I actually don't mind sitting down to watch the full series if peeps are like "you really gotta watch the series to fully experience it." It's more a matter of, is it something like Naruto where there is a lot of filler material that doesn't actually go anywhere/do anything*. Anyway, thanks for the insight - lack of time is all relative, it's more a matter of when than if (i.e., if I'm going to watch the whole series, it'll wait until after graduation, whereas if it's movies I could space out over the course of a few weekends). *full confession I've never watched all of Naruto but I think even avowed fans would say there is a lot of stuff that is probably extraneous/unnecessary in the anime. ..
  19. Going to try and watch Blomkamp's Demonic tonight. Literally every review of this things has panned it so far - basically saying it's some good ideas that are completely underdone by poor scripting, lack of focus, change in tone, lack of payoff, and just being kind of shit. We'll see, will report back after and see if I can save people 2 hrs of their life...
  20. Thanks @Rubin Farr Ok, if you had to pick, would you just go straight to version 3? Or would you do version #2? Honestly, given time constraints it's unlikely I'd do the full series and would prob opt for the movies.
  21. Ok, so, ages ago my mate sat me down and played me select scenes from the series and then the movie(s) and I remember being both a)extremely compromised and b)having my brain blown by the metaphysics of it all. If I wanted to sit down and give it a go, are there any recommendations on how to attack this? From cursory reading it sounds like at least one of the movies recaps main bits from the series and then adds an additional ending, but other movies seem to deviate from the initial run. Is it best to just try and watch the full series first? Is the version on Netflix ok to watch? Is it really as good as I remember?
  22. Watched this with my buddy over the weekend. Fantastic. The sort of film that could have easily been terrible if it wasn't so wonderfully acted (by everyone, even the smaller players) and well directed. Incredibly well balanced, not an ounce of fat and yes that's sort of a pork joke but not. I laughed, I cried, I was reminded how damn good Nicholas Cage can be at restrained roles when he wants to be....
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