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  1. grimes is an alien who is getting tesla to build her a ship to go home
  2. is there a real high quality leak yet or do i have to wait for release? i can't listen to these vinyl rips.
  3. that "recognizing the enemy" track is hilarious. vocals are so bad.
  4. he seems like a meme who managed to market himself as some kind of real life tony stark to redditors and fuck yeah science people. he basically stumbled into his fortune and now he's blowing it on ridiculous developments but i guess if he accidentally gets the space program going again maybe that's a good thing? either way i kind of hate him.
  5. there is an obese cat in my neighborhood named peter who usually sits on top of my car in the morning and stares me down when i go out to get the paper and the mail, like he's daring me to do something about it. so the other day i just started the car and then backed out with him on it and he actually stayed up there for a few hundred yards before i had to stop the car and remove him then drive his fat ass back to his home all while coughing and sneezing because i'm very allergic to cats and their bullshit.
  6. this is my favorite of their performances i've seen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSDVjrljdUg
  7. got my s9 from tmobile and they sent the wrong size sim card. my iphone se is dead and i have to now go into one of their fucking stores and hope they don't try to charge me for their mistake, which they seem to like doing.
  8. Robert Mitchum was the shit. I think josh brolin has some of that old school thing going.
  9. crystal pepsi was back fairly recently. i saw it in a gas station with a sign actually declaring "it's back by popular demand".
  10. i really like the phantom thread soundtrack, but there will be blood is pretty flawless. this track is great: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sU1EueTAHRQ he seems penderecki/ligeti influenced on that soundtrack, more bach and debussy and a little bernard herrmann on phantom thread. i can't even remember the music or much else about you were never really here. that movie came and went like a fart.
  11. isn't tarantino's favorite movie rio bravo? who gives a shit about his opinion.
  12. zaphod

    Dilla beatz

    i'm still very impressed with how he flipped this sample https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nh3Si9V1lJI i think the production on won't do is amazing. this spacek track is great as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMqobFDVYEs he does this kind of infinitely building, melancholic hip hop thing very well. donuts never clicked for me though, it doesn't have the magic of his production work with slum village or on other people's tracks.
  13. HAHAHAH! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1beMe5Fo7jI
  14. original movie is one of the most overrated movies ever but the soundtrack is good. the thom song seems weirdly out of place to me, way too pretty, but this new one doesn’t look anything like the original so maybe that’s what they’re going for.
  15. open mike eagle's last record was very good. freddie gibbs is always reliable. pusha t has never made a bad record. i prefer el-p solo to run the jewels, and company flow to either of those. but i'm not really into hip hop anymore, a lot of it is kind of cringeworthy to me.
  16. there are maybe four paths to idm. "goth" -> industrial -> idm (i got into aphex through nin and nothing records) autism (it sounds like my video games and i see norse gods fighting in the sky when i listen to drukqs) mortal kombat soundtrack -> the prodigy "funky shit on the event horizon soundtrack"/pi soundtrack/matrix soundtrack -> idm (lesser autism) and then there's being british, which means you're probably around fifty years old and went to raves in the eighties, but most of these people are dead.
  17. the tigger movie and you know what letter i'm replacing
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