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  1. Digital/12" Vinyl, releases 28th of May: schwefelgelb.bandcamp.com/album/der-rest-der-nacht Snippets: youtube.com/watch?v=JywsKXrByIg Track 03, "Wie Viel Haut": youtube.com/watch?v=UUZOmIvlFQA
  2. https://metaphysik.bigcartel.com/product/black-replica-mp312
  3. Digital edition now available on Kompakt's bandcamp: https://kompakt-gas.bandcamp.com/album/nah-und-fern As well as "Nach 1912", individually or as part of the Pop Ambient 2007 compilation: https://kompakt.bandcamp.com/track/nach-1912 https://kompakt.bandcamp.com/album/pop-ambient-2007
  4. Quite liking this, definitely an improvement over the two last middling ones (METROWELT, CYBERSPACE REALITY) and it is indeed more in line with his releases around the 2000s ('Simulationszeitalter', 'Hacker') and 2014's 'Netzwerk der Zukunft', thematically as well as production-wise. Ralf Hütter & Co clearly can't be arsed to release something new, so I'd argue this is the next best thing, at least as far as this particular flavour of Electro is concerned. Probably won't be able to ever shake the Kraftwerk comparisons but then again is this really that much of bad thing? Certainly seems to have worked in his favour, considering the nice little niche with an instantly recognizable sound he's been able to carve out for himself.
  5. Bandcamp has the exact release date: Friday, the 29th of January 2021 And the preview actually contains 4 studio sessions (including the one linked above) as well.
  6. The "proper follow-up to/continuation of 'Simulationszeitalter', 'Hacker' and 'Netzwerk der Zukunft'", after the somewhat of a mixed bag that was CYBERSPACE REALITY. Due to release sometime in January 2021, preview including two tracks from the album available now. This one appears in the tracklisting as well:
  7. Pre-orders for reissues of the standalone Compact Disc versions of Zauberberg, Königsforst and Pop are up over on kompakt.fm, in case you missed it. Releases December, 11th.
  8. Yeah, a couple tracks from the first half are actually quite decent but the rest, in particular the ones with vocoder in the latter half don't do it for me either. Maybe would have been better if he had kept it instrumental all the way through.
  9. https://anthonyrother.bandcamp.com/album/cyberspace-reality Digital only for the time being.
  10. https://minimalwave.com/releases/release/die-stimme-draengt/ https://schwefelgelb.bandcamp.com/album/die-stimme-dr-ngt
  11. Might get a release on Kompakt's bandcamp further down the line too, I'd rather have digital-only material as WAVs anyway. Picked up a copy of the Dadajack repress though.
  12. Wolfgang Voigt 1991-1999 For the very first time, EARQUAKE summarises in a chronological order almost all of Wolfgang Voigt’s musical work during the 1990s. EARQUAKE comprises 303 single pieces, 75 are previously unreleased. Additionally it contains the unreleased album "Wolfgang Voigt - Mit Maschinen Sprechen" from 1995 ... It contains every single solo-project, the most important compilation-pieces as well as unreleased material. It is not containing explicitly: GAS, artistic collaborations, releases with external copyrights. EARQUAKE comprises 303 single pieces, 75 are previously unreleased. Additionally it contains the unreleased album "Wolfgang Voigt - Mit Maschinen Sprechen" from 1995. 33 abstract electronic arpeggiator sound frescos. EARQUAKE is being released in two different versions, available exclusively on KOMPAKT.FM: USB stick in casket with booklet Mp3 downloads Additionally, EARQUAKE is going to be supplemented by reissues and new pressings of selected vinyl-releases. Tracklisting (free PFD Download) Booklet (free PDF Download)
  13. Definitely deserves its own thread: 12" still up for grabs here: metaphysik.bigcartel.com/product/black-replica-mp312 While the digital version on bandcamp will be made publicly available as soon as the physical one is gone, if I recall correctly. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Spiderweb Symmetry
  14. Digital / CD / 2x12" available now: anthonyrother.bandcamp.com/album/3l3c7ro-commando
  15. Any indication from where it was shipped? Would explain why copies haven't reached some of the more remote regions of mainland Europe yet if they're sending them out from their UK offices.
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