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  1. bielie eilish, drake and taylor swift on a side note: aphex, autechre, SP, ceephax, microlith, kettel, Dave Monolith, Lorn etc. are pretty cool as well
  2. honestly sounds like a sample with some simple effects. that feedback is terrible btw
  3. i've had that happen in the past at least once. also, unexpected double streams are the bane of my toilet-going existence
  4. might be younger people coming from sites like 4chan (like me). (I only visit/mu/ occasionally, rest of the site is pure toxicity) there it's used in over half the threads I've seen. i think it's tasteless, but on there you really can't do anything about it. that might be how people are conditioned to feel it's acceptable/funny to use in casual conversation.
  5. given it's an indie game, i'd pay for it to support the developers of course. but if people are really that opposed to epic games, and can't wait til it appears on steam, they'll do it anyway. If they like it they might buy it on steam later on.
  6. there are ways outside of steam or epic to acquire this Outer Wilds game
  7. no worries. I play Mordhau and Rising Storm 2 as well, they're first-person so you really get down into the action, more immersive. I don't always wanna be the guy looking at a map without any clue what his guys are actually going through ? and from time to time I play CSGO.
  8. They made it a lot easier for beginners. I've honestly only started playing like 2 weeks ago, but it's not too hard so far. Once you get into corp trading etc it's probably quite a bit harder though. Like when you're setting up the logistics to get goods from a low security to a high security system. Community in that game seems pretty nice so far, lots of people wiling to help at any time and such. would recommend.
  9. woke up about an hour ago. got some coffee and bread. Discovered I already had an account on here ? Currently listening to AB5 and playing HOI4. Planning on playing EVE as well later on, maybe work on music and go for a walk in the forest near my house to take pics and soak up the atmosphere.
  10. been there before some years back, quite a beautiful place. crawling with tourists though. i remember the guide showing us a demonstration of quicksand patches that form when the water retreats. also remember looking at a ton of medieval swords in the souvenir shop, and eating chips on one of the little squares. good times also completely forgot I even made this account. so first post, well second now.
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