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  1. "Nebel lang" (german) is the mix of "fog" and "lifelong", which turns metaphorically into "lifelong uncertainty". As the name implies, it is an exploration of the concept of time and the unforeseen. The organic, the living, the changes. The Nebel lang sound is based on environmental piano improvisations. - - don't run, walk — don't walk, stop — stand motionless where you are — where are you? — no, dispense with the maps & compasses & lexicons — speak no name, see: the glowing slant of late sunlight against skin & skyline & shadow interposed between — hear the concrete roar & buzz — hear beneath that a slower pulse, slower — no, slower still, the diastole & systole of soil, of mountain & moss — all the forgotten rituals of dying & birth — feel the warm air, ruachhovering, surrounding & entering your animal body, gravity's tactile desire tugging at your blood — lower the eyelids, unweave the grammar that binds I to window, to aspen, to cloud, to riverflow, to memory drifting, drifting off, dispersed to dream & further past the horizon of deepest sleep, past all unknowing, to the break of day the slumbering earth stirred awake to breathe her first breath, beginning (Poem by Michael Iona)
  2. Highly recommended to fans of BVDUB & IDM genre. Cat.#: ROHS!035CD Release date: 20/01/2022 Format: CD, Digital The essence of ambient music is not the absence of movement, but movement that takes place on another, more interior, introspective level, a sort of fluctuation without movement, a travel while remaining still, a dance without movement. The dynamism of the musical components is a motion that does not necessarily require a moving body: it moves flows, displaces molecules, opens up spaces. Haze traces an emotional path that moves on two planes that intersect and emerge from each other: a drones base built with a simple synthesis starting from a basic waveform with a cascading filter. A sound that tends to grow and incorporate veins of noise created with techniques not far from certain shoegaze; and a part made up of compositional textures, vocal elements and sequences of notes that can sometimes include aleatory components. Much of the source material is experiments or unfinished tracks produced many years ago, when the Molven sound was much more IDM-oriented, as in SAF2013, a track made in 2013 and never released, remixed and included as a sort of callback to the origins. molven.org Pseudonym of Mario Marino, creator and curator of numerous projects and musical events that fuelled the electronic scene in Veneto in the early 90s, linked to the historic radio programme Red Planet. The same name was used at the time as a collective name for DJs to identify a certain ambient-techno sound, that of the so-called chill-out zones. In 2004 he founded the ambient label Laverna.net and, under the pseudonym matera electronics (later molven), he created some productions in which rarefied and introspective sounds coexist with sequences and rhythmic articulations typical of certain IDM electronics. In the latest productions the sound becomes deeper and more dilated, moving into ambient-drone territories, with vocal elements and noise veins.
  3. for fans of tape loops music and of course William Basinski
  4. Duenn (Fukuoka, Japan) is an electronic musician and composer producing minimal works, using a minimum of equipment. Through collaborations with other artists, both sonic and visual, Duenn seeks an expansion of self. In 2017, Duenn formed the experimental collaborative unit 3RENSA with Merzbow and Nyantora. Duenn co-hosted the ambient event “Hardcore Ambience” with Nyantora.
  5. Text from the artist: These pieces are inspired by my dream world of images and sounds, in which things, that are impossible in rational reality, appear to me as natural. The image of a blue-violet coloured plastic manta ray, suspended in the air in a fluid and futuristic perpetual motion on the terrace of my house, gives the piece ‘Manta di Plastica’ its name. A boy comes up to me, hugs me from the back and says, shall we jump? We have a parachute. We dive from some height, we fall, I watch the world from above, I feel calm. We land in the water and I let myself go completely, I come down, I'm underwater, and from there I look at the sky, from the bottom upwards, it's beautiful, far away, full of clouds. He says: “stay with me”. He pulls me out of the water and in that moment I wake up. This dream gives name to the piece ‘Sogno Paracadute’ which means parachute dream. ‘Flora Aliena’ means alien flora, and it refers to the idea of contamination. A place has a native flora and when we plant a seed of a non-native plant, it is as if we infect the land forever. I see a parallelism of this dynamic also in my way of creating. My rational world is a territory that is constantly being seeded by impossible, utopian, imaginary, dreamlike, magical realities, so much so that I sometimes ask myself what is really real.
  6. Andrea Porcu - The Healing Power Of The Moog Inspired by the "The Healing Forces of Music: History, Theory, and Practice" Book by Randall McClellan.
  7. Michele Andreotti "Stanotte" Stanotte is an evocation of fleeting images, lights and sounds lasting a moment that remains indelible in the memory. Their brevity and lack of content make them turn into perceptive impulses, which are linked to the senses as a complex whole of sensory interpenetrations. The sounds of nature, the voices and the colors of the instrumental timbres are like "field recordings" of the unconscious collected over time in an unexpected and spontaneous way, tangible and mixed with an emotional charge deriving from the nostalgia for a moment of joy and peace in the past. The absence of a horizontal structural evolution of the pieces pushes us to look from the inside of a memory, without however losing the sensation of a fleeting and volatile moment of unitary duration. Limited edition Cassette + Digital
  8. Such a great album based on Mahler's "Ruhevoll (Poco adagio)" Symphonie n.4 For fans of William Basinski
  9. Music For Sleep / Andrea Porcu - The Heavenly Life Source of "The Heavenly Life" comes from "Ruhevoll (Poco adagio)" Symphonie n.4 by Gustav Mahler. Reinterpretation, tape loops processing and imperfections by Andrea Porcu (Music For Sleep). Recorded in Sardinia (Italy), February 2021.
  10. Andrea Porcu (Music For Sleep project) - New Values "In recent years, Andrea Porcu has been responsible for some of the most immersive, slowly unfurling ambient music around - much of it inspired by a combination of much-needed musical escapism and a desire to create music that would aid self-meditation. New Values, his latest longform piece, arrives with little or no explanation, other than a simple sentence about "listening to the essence of fading light". Beginning with the dull tones of tape hiss and a distant electric piano, the 46-minute piece quietly builds in waves, introducing long, lingering chords and drifting electronic motifs to accompany Porcu's fluid, slow-motion keys. It feels like lazy, languid music for similarly stunning, drawn-out sunsets, with all the warmth and comfort of a soft-touch blanket. In a word: stunning.."
  11. I am happy to present Nils Wortmann new work 'Alles so schön still hier'. A unique book listing the 100 best Ambient works between 1975 and 2020, with a description and further recommendations. The book features works by Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, William Basinski, Harold Budd, Edgar Froese, Steve Roach, KLF, Pauline Oliveros, Éliane Radigue, Biosphere, The Caretaker and many other artists. The book can be ordered from the following link: Link (for the moment the book is available only in German)
  12. If you can picture the very furthest, coldest, darkest part of Norway, that’s where Mind over MIDI resides. If you want to get an idea of what it’s like there, and can do without the frostbite, then this is the perfect solution. Helge Tømmervåg produces sweeping, icy synthscapes, with digital snowflakes since 1995. Copyright © 2021 ROHS! RECORDS, All Rights Reserved
  13. Music For Sleep - Mellotron Works (Album) Not as accomplished as John Medeski’s recent mellotron nerd-jazz exploration nor as expansive as Mike Dean’s “everything with a keyboard in my studio full of weeeeeeeed” magnum opus, but MFS has a different more peaceful aim and he hits the mark. A love letter to an instrument via music for meditation and slow drift- very easily could have become cheezeball, but through delicate textures and a light touch it achieves an appealingly narcotic atmosphere.
  14. https://mforsleep.bandcamp.com/album/mellotron-works An infinite expanse of evanescent melancholy that radiates placidly leaning lightly on every corner it reaches. It is a bittersweet veil of soft light that springs from the first recent break, imposed solitude experienced by Andrea Porcu, a quiet sea that moves slowly carrying the indefinite sensations of the moment in progress.
  15. Italian ambient experimental minimalism - Pay what you want on Bandcamp till release date. Il mio sogno è di avere i poteri elettrici [Being eight years old and sinking into a half-sleep made of whispers] "Adesso... Adesso... Passato, presente, futuro. Da grande, adesso, da piccolo. Il mio sogno è di avere i poteri elettrici.." (Lyrics by Ryu Mariano)
  16. Seven symphonies for heartbreaking, melancholy loops..The "Music From A Sinking World" album project is in its entirety the recovery of some tape loops (recorded between March and October 2020), erected on orchestral fragments, static interruptions and blurry depths.
  17. Coming soon on ROHS! RECORDS (4th December 2020) https://rohsrecords.bandcamp.com NEW NOYZELAB Album "CPMSubtree" audio will follow soon Noyzelab is David Burraston - or is it that David Burraston is Noyzelab? After experiencing the man's work, you may not be able to tell the difference. Noyzelab's debut at ROHS! is a surrounding and otherworldly album called CPMSubtree, made up of five surreal displays of studio electronics that elasticize the album's forty-minute runtime into unfathomable stretches of displacement. Currently residing in Australia, Burraston has spent many years refining his focus in many different departments - lectures and residencies around the world, collaborations with Aphex Twin, Chris Watson, Oren Ambarchi and Russell Haswell, recordings published at Important Records, Taiga, .MEDS, Cataclyst and Psoma Psi Phi, and installations assembled in dozens of indoor and outdoor spaces. He has built his own synthesizers and has written his PhD thesis on Generative Music & Cellular Automata, working to explore and document his research with generative systems, computing and all kinds of synthesis. On top of all of these things, he's often found with portable recording rigs, doing field recording to capture exotic and interesting atmospheres. CPMSubtree is, at least in name, a follow-up to TTMSubtree, a cassette issued at Psoma Psi Phi in 2017, although the sounds presented here are wholly unique, in their own macroverse of existence. When listening to Burraston's music, you can never be quite sure what it is you're hearing or feeling - is that a sinewave, or feedback? Are those bells or a DX7? Is that a gust of Cootamundra wind on the mic, or algorithmically processed white noise? Are we frozen in space while otherworldly spectrums of color billow around us at light speed, or are we being poured down a waterfall, one molecule at a time, to coalesce into a pool of pulsing fluorescence? You might ask yourself any or all of these questions - but Noyzelab does not provide any answers. This is a one-way trip that you can't come back from, so proceed at your own discretion! For those of us eager to map the frontier of new and stimulating electronic music, the unknown has never been quite so rewarding. NOTE: Noyzelab recordings utilize the full breadth of the frequency spectrum, and as such, are best experienced with either headphones or speaker systems that can yield very high and very low frequencies without issue. Lossless file formats are also encouraged, to minimize the reduction of these frequencies and their presence within the recordings.
  18. https://mforsleep.bandcamp.com/album/le-complessit-degli-orizzonti
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