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  1. Thanks! I'm glad you dig. Yeah BOC is definitely an influence as well as Bochum Welt and Aphex of course.
  2. ~Digital bonus track~ https://soundcloud.com/geminiarchives/friend-mode
  3. Hi everyone Florklang Records is releasing a cassette and digital EP of mine on July 5th. Thanks for tuning into my demo tracks I posted on here, finally got them finished. Pre-order here: florklang.bandcamp.com/album/slow-user Their other vinyl releases are now available in digital format. Definitely check out Cool and Frank if you haven't already. Side A https://soundcloud.com/florklang/fklg04c_gemini-archives-slow-user-sideacassette-release Side B https://soundcloud.com/florklang/fklg04c_gemini-archives-slow-user-sidebcassette-release
  4. Late to the game and just discovered your music. Just bought Strange Fruit. Really really great tracks. Absolutely love Nite Bird [fast mix]. Listening to that one on repeat. Thanks for the excellent release!
  5. nice tracks! acid tears is probably my favorite. interesting way of using the 303. also love the synth sound your using for the chords.
  6. hey nice setup you got there. i love the gliding synth that comes in around 1:24. are you using a daw to sequence everything? it looks like you might be using a computer to your right but i couldn't tell. thanks for sharing.
  7. Hey I love your melodies here and nice 303 lines. Great vibe. My only suggestion is to put some more energy/volume/compression or whatever behind your rhythms. That'd be nice to my ears but that's just me.
  8. wow i love disjecta. please do more with your tape experiments. your beats are really nice and you've got an ear for texture. i feel like i can eat this track.
  9. Thanks everyone! I have a couple new ones. Let me know what you think and what needs work. https://soundcloud.com/geminiarchives/seventy2-syncjapan https://soundcloud.com/geminiarchives/two
  10. Hey thanks! I definitely agree with you. Its not a machine you can mash out melodies with. You have to very intently program it which has huge appeal to me. I find focusing closely on each element (note, time, accent, slide, etc..) tedious but rewarding. This goes for many other vintage machines. They can be challenging but it is inspiring to program them and make them talk to each other.
  11. Hey this is really nice. I love the 303 lines you've made and it has a really nice emotional vibe. Would definitely like to hear this in a longer form along with some more tracks. There is a lot of acid out there but not all of it is good. A lot of lazy 303 programming. Please continue this project and share it with us. Thanks!
  12. hey there, here are some recent tracks of mine. enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/geminiarchives/47tape https://soundcloud.com/geminiarchives/fourtyfour-1 https://soundcloud.com/geminiarchives/56tape
  13. Wow very nice! Love it. Did you use a tracker for this one?
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